Friday, December 21, 2007

German Chocolate Advent Calendar

A few years ago, my mom, "aka Nana", started a Christmas tradition with her grandkids. She buys each of them a advent calendar filled with German chocolates. Every day, you push open a little door to reveal a small piece of chocolate with a different Christmas image impressed in it.

Aidan adores this tradition. This year he is doing a much better job of pacing himself and being patient enough to wait for the next day's chocolate. It's been a great motivator in the mornings to get him ready for school. He has to finish his breakfast & get dressed in a timely manner in order to get his chocolate to eat before school.

Since Sean is Mr. I Don't Eat Your Stinkin' Food, we gave his calendar to their cousin, Kenzie. Poor Sean! Missing out on a little goodie every day. Maybe we should make a calendar with little cups of yogurt in it.

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