Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wow, what a busy month!

In my last post, I told of our fence project and the upcoming, unexpected need to reno our upper bath. Well, I am happy to share that the fence is done, perfect and beautiful!

Our landscape plan is to build raised beds for a vegetable garden along the garage wall.

The bathroom project is still in the early stages. We booked a plumber and selected new tile flooring. This Friday a dumpster is being delivered to our house so we can start gutting it. Oh joy!

One additional thing has happened... We had to get a new roof on our house! After weeks of heavy rains & high winds, the ceiling in the master bedroom turned into a waterfall during a storm. Apparently there was substantial hail damage and it needed to be completely replaced. The roofer we hired moved quickly and worked with our home owners insurance to get our claim processed fast. It took two very long days for their team to turn our roof from this (older photo, took it when we last did landscaping)

to this.

Our landscaping is a mess, we let it go since we knew we were going to be doing so much exterior work and didn't want to waste money on plants that would get injured. We plan on getting the exterior painted and the porch railing rebuilt next year, so we will hold off on landscaping until that is finished. Wish we could get on a Curb Appeal show and get it all done in one whack for free, lol!


RK said...

The fence looks GREAT! I am so jealous... I'd love a big fence around to give us some privacy from the neighbor who has a bar in his shed. The shed that sits less than 5 feet from the fence....less than 20 feet from my kitchen and our deck. Not alot of play happening in the backyard this summer.

Geez...that just flowed. Guess I have issues. :o) Glad the roof is fixed, and hope the bathroom goes smoothly!

JennyH said...

That looks very nice. Our fence is getting old and we just hope it doesn't fall down on us. It was a pain to build.

Too bad about the roof but at least it's done and should last!

Sharon said...

Like the new fence. All the best for the bathroom. Looking forward to more pictures soon.

Cindy said...

Fence looks great! :)