Tuesday, August 26, 2008

3 weeks with E, 1 week into Kindergarten

The days fly by fast! Aidan has been going to Kindergarten for a week now and we are still working on our adjustment to this busy schedule.

This morning was a time management failure. I got Sean, Ella and myself ready in record time. Then I sat down to nurse Ella and nag Aidan to get dressed. He drug his feet so bad that he didn't get his clothes completely on until 8:13 (mind you, school starts at 8:15.) Doug was rushing around getting himself ready for work and made the observation that our bathroom clock is 10 mins slow. Doh! That helps explain some tardiness!

In the meantime, Sean took his morning "coffee" break in his clean diaper. *sigh*

First things first, we had to get Aidan to school asap! We all jumped in the van and I realized I couldn't find my keys anywhere. Doug ran back in the house for his. I was so flustered about being late, that I hit the gas on the van too hard and charged down our driveway (in reverse) too fast- causing it to bottom out and knock the spare tire off the bottom of the van. Cripes!! Doug hopped out again and checked for damage/moved the tire out of the way. I'm near tears...

Get Aidan to school (LATE!) and drove back home to change Sean's pants. Back in the car, drop Doug off at work. Ella begins screaming from the rear seat and cries all the way to Sean's school (about 6 mins.) Get Sean out of his car seat & give him his backpack. Take Ella out of her car seat to calm her down (she's bright red.) Take them into school. Ella and I stop by the office to drop off some paperwork, she's sleeping now. I get her back in her car seat and then we run out to Office Max to buy a new mouse. Sean chewed thru the cord on our old one.

Ella snoozed during the whole errand and all the way home. I got home, tidied the house, hooked up the new mouse, surfed, took a shower. Before I knew it, time to get Sean from preschool. Ella slept the whole way there, then cried all the way to the office where I picked up Doug for lunch. So I took them both into the office, changed her diaper, nursed her and then we loaded up in the van again.

Sean and Ella are now napping, after lunch, and I need to fold laundry. Would rather nap myself!

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JennyH said...

It's always something! I think all my children hated their infant seats. They would scream and cry once strapped into them.