Friday, May 29, 2009

Week Recap: Potty, Feeding, Sewing, Playing, Crawling, Remodeling

So, I haven't had a whole lotta typing time lately. Three kids in the house, little napping going on,and too many projects. So here's a run down of the week while the two littles are sleeping. First duo nap all week.

1. Potty Learning: Sean has done fairly well with this at home, but only if a) he wears just a shirt and undies and b) poop does not need to go in the potty.

If I put shorts on over the undies, he forgets that he is diaper free and has an accident. If I put him in a pull-up, he forgets that he can pull it down to potty and just goes on the go. So we use pull-ups while out of the house and sometimes have luck taking potty breaks out in public. We also slip a pull-up on for nap/bedtime, but I don't think he needs it then because he is usually dry.

He does not get that he needs to sit to poop. He runs to the potty, stands there, tooting away thinking the poop is going to jump from his rear to the potty. If I run in and sit him down, he lasts a few seconds before getting up to stand in front of the potty again. So, yes, we've been scooping poop off the floor. Or he does it in the pull up. We need to keep working on this, obviously.

Also, with MUCH excitement, Aidan taught Sean how to pee on the fence in the backyard today. Sean is officially ready for keg parties now.

2. Feeding: Sean had a follow up appt with his ENT this week, regarding his tube surgery. Tubes look great and Dr said he wants us to come in every 6 months to keep an eye on them. He feels confident that they won't fall out. I brought up Sean's feeding issues and reflux and asked if we should see a GI/get a swallow study done. Dr E was all over this, he said Sean absolutely needs to get checked out. He gave us a script for Prevacid and booked a feeding study in Wichita. From there, they will refer us for a swallow study and anything else.


We are too bring him there hungry, with foods he eats and foods he has trouble with (um, that would be everything!) They will watch how he eats and make determinations. I AM SO FREAKING GLAD! I want answers! I need to know if the current approach his school is using is the right approach for him. I need second opinions. I NEED ANSWERS.

3.Sewing/Knitting: I have been loving learning to knit and am totally ready to jump into a project. My friend/knit mentor is going to help me get started on my first diaper soaker soon. Hopefully next week. In the meantime, I've been knitting little swatches to practice knit/purl.

My friend Ellie came over yesterday and talked me thru a sewing project I've had sitting in a drawer. I converted a shirt and fabric into a playdress for Ella. It wasn't too complicated and I think I can make one again on my own fairly easily (providing, of course, that said child allows.)

4. Playing: Wednesday was the start of our summer playgroup. We love getting together with my momma friends and their kiddos. I really look forward to Wednesdays in the summer. Week 2 of baseball was a bit of a bummer. Aidan's got rained out and Sean was less than co-operative for his due to a lack of nap. Gotta work on that. Tonight we get to meet up with local families that have kiddos with Ds for a family playdate. Sean starts summer school on Monday, so I hope he enjoys seeing his school friends again.

5. Crawling: Eleanor is just so into crawling! Her current obsession is crawling up the stairs. She doesn't know how to go down them, so this is not so fun for me. The boys find it hysterical and love to crawl up with her. Must make a video.

6. Remodeling: Doug has spent what little free time he's had this week on the electrical work in the bathroom and drywall repair. He had to move the connection wires for the sink light fixture to accommodate the new mirror and also moved the switch plate and a wall outlet up higher so that it wouldn't be in the area where he is going to put up beadboard. Our plan was that I would be able to paint this weekend and then he can use evenings next week to install the beadboard/chair rail. Then we'd do the floor the weekend after this and get the sink installed so he could finish up with the baseboard. Not sure if our timeline is going to work out because he has some freelance work to do this weekend too. Oh well, eventually we will get it done!

So, I hope everyone is enjoying the warm days and having fun in the sun. :)


Jennifer said...

Wow, you guys have been busy. Best of luck getting your projects done this weekend. We are in the same boat - tons of projects, not enough free time, and we're way behind on out timeline. It will all happen eventually! I love the dress you made.

Beverly said...

you sure have been busy! So glad all is going well for the potty stuff. I love Ella's little dress. You will have to show us your knitting stuff once you have it done. Wish we lived close so we could craft together!

Wendy P said...

I almost woke Kira up laughing at "poop flying from his rear into the potty" and ready for keg parties.

Ellie's dress is adorable and I'm so jealous that you're learning to knit. I swear I'm going to learn this summer.

Can't wait to see pics of the finished bathroom!

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

What a week!! Very cute dress!! I'm going to have to try and make one!

KBH said...

I really want to learn to knit! I'm going to check out a book at the library that can hopefully teach me.

JennyH said...

Well- you have been busy!

Cute dress. Great job on potty training- huge success, really! Crawling up stairs is oh so fun when you can't crawl back down. I vividly remember those days with Ike. Keg parties, huh? Joe (who is somewhat working on potty training) thinks he has to pee on the deck stairs (I wonder what the neighbors think? never mind, I can take a guess!). So maybe Joe can join that party too!

jane said... guys have been busy! Glad to hear that potty learning is happening. I've got a boy who loves to pee on fences too (and trees..."look ma, I'm watering the tree!")
Also glad to hear about Sean's appt in Wichita, it will be so empowering to have more feedback (pun not intended, ha).
Take care mama!

DoulaJo said...

Deborah, that's a busy, busy week! Thanks for allowing me a little peek into your brain ;-)
I LOVE your blog page, it is adorable and the title bar with the kids pics is my fave!