Monday, June 22, 2009

Bathroom Renovation W.I.P.

So it's been almost a month since we started our "quick, little bathroom update" project. LOL! We made a lot of progress, but have more to do. I didn't get to take official before photos, but have posted pix of the kids in there before we started. Like this one, where you can see the old linoleum and the wallpaper:

We pulled the floor, baseboard, wallpaper and old sink & medicine cabinet/light out. Doug did extensive repairs to the drywall, moved a light switch and outlet, re-wired the ceiling light and hung a new mirror light. I painted the walls and inside the linen closet. Doug installed the new floor, plumbed in a new sink, installed beadboard and the sink cabinet.

This bathroom also has our only shower, but the only thing we did to it was paint above the stall and put up a new curtain.

We have left to do:
cut & install chair rail & baseboard
paint all the new wood work so that is is the same shade of white as the cabinet.
put one more shelf in the linen closet for the beach towels & old towels for cleaning
hang up towel bars and artwork

I predict it will be done before the end of next month. :)


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