Monday, June 22, 2009

Kansas Salt Mine Museum

Last week my nephews, Seth, 13, and Adam, 10 3/4, stayed with us for a few days while my sister was at a conference for work. We had a great time with them. Our kids were in Cousin Heaven because our niece, Mackenzie, was also around. Thursday, I took the 4 boys and Ella to Salt City Splash. The kids were great for me, had a blast, but I didn't carry along my expensive camera.

Friday, Doug took the afternoon off so he could take Seth, Adam, Aidan and Mackenzie to the Kansas Salt Mine Museum. I stayed home with Sean and Ella because the tour does not allow small children. It sounds like a really cool place! you travel down, 650 feet, into the museum in groups of 12 on an unlit elevator. Each person has to wear a hard hat and a Carbon Dioxide converter, in case of an emergency. Part of it is seen while riding on mine cars. The film industry stores a lot of movie artifacts and original film reels due to the perfect storage conditions. The kids found it all very interesting and had lots to tell me about when they came home. Here are Doug's snapshots of the tour.

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