Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Aidan's Dental Nightmare!

Aidan went to the dentist for a 6 mo check up in July and they found some cavities that needed work, they decided to split it between 2 sessions. On the 31st of July he had one side done and on 8/3 they did the other side. We thought it was all good and have been really reinforcing his tooth brushing habits and telling him how important it is to take care of his teeth. He's been doing great, especially after he lost his first tooth and the tooth fairy came leaving a note and $.

8/15 He started complaining that his tooth hurt. He'd been eating strawberries so we thought he had a seed stuck and just kept brushing and flossing his teeth to try to get it out. 8/16 he's still saying it hurts, but we went to church anyway. During church he just curled up in a ball next to me and was shivering like crazy. We took him home and gave him Tyenol. By that afternoon his jaw started swelling up and we knew it wasn't a sinus infection or something stuck. We kept him on pain meds till morning (he was crying every 3 hrs when it would wear off.)

We got him into the dentist in the morning and they discovered that one of the teeth they worked on was very infected. The dentist felt the best option was to pull it. They gave Aidan gas, but Doug said he could hear Aidan screaming all the way in the waiting room. I bet it was awful for Aidan! Yesterday, he just rested, took pain meds and ate soft stuff. His dentist called at 8 pm to check on him and I said he still looked pretty swollen. The tooth fairy came again last night, but Aidan is still very swollen and his cheek has red streaking. He woke up at 2 am crying for pain meds. So he is still on pain meds and I called the dentist again. They are going to start him on an antibiotic now. Poor little boy has hardly eaten anything for 3 days now and just looks awful. I tried to brush his teeth this morning because the smell was awful and he just cried and cried.

I really hope the antibiotics kick in quickly, I can't stand seeing my boy in so much pain!

Side note, my friend Sarah made these cute tooth fairy pillows for my kids. When Aidan lost his first tooth, the fairy left him a note and 2 $1 coins. For this stubborn molar, she left another note and 3 $1 coins. I thought I'd share the first note here in case anyone else needs ideas for a tooth fairy note.


Heidi said...

Oh my goodness - that is awful! Poor Aidan. I really hope he starts to feel better soon.

JennyH said...

I bet that was very painful! I had a tooth like that once and it hurt SO bad. I'm surprised they didn't give him antibiotics right away.
Poor guy. Hope he starts feeling better real fast!

Beverly said...

Oh poor Aiden. That looks just awful. Praying he feels better soon.

Ruby's Mom said...

Oh my gosh!Poor baby!

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness!! I hope he recovers soon. That sounds so awful, poor boy.

jane said...

Oh no!! Hope he is mending fast and the abx are getting rid of the infection. Big hugs for Aidan!!