Monday, August 3, 2009

Celebrating her First Year

Eleanor's birthday is coming up in just a few days and it is just amazing that a whole year has gone by! It really feels like I was just pregnant a few weeks ago, not a whole year! Ella has been such a delight and gift to our family. She really makes our family feel complete and brings so much to our life.

We had an early birthday party for her this weekend with family on both sides. The kids loved having all the cousins around to play with and Ella enjoyed the attention from her grandparents. We thought the party went really well, no mishaps or meltdowns- not even from me. ;)

Pre-party bubble bath.

Not so sure about the flaming cupcake.

Sean's tray of flaming cupcakes- his favorite part of a party.

"This carrot cupcake is yummy! Would you like some?"

"Oooo! For me?"

Lots of help opening gifts.

"Gentle, baby, gentle."

Cousin Adam in the kiddie pool.

Aidan and his "little girlfriend" Morgan. What a couple of cuties!


RK said...

Looks like a fun party! That first picture in the bath is really priceless. :)

sasha said...

I know how time can fly by. Happy Birthday. She looks like she is having such fun. What a cutie

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Eleanor! What a sweet little girl you have!

Looks like the party was very fun!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday, Ella!! I started reading you blog just before she was born. I can't believe it's been a whole year!!

Karen said...

Happy birthday, Little Eleanor!

Ruby's Mom said...

Happy Birthday Ella!!!! Love your party hat!

jane said...

Happy Birthday Ella!! Time does fly...she is a beauty Deborah :)

Kim said...

awwww, so adorable, and looks like it was loads of fun. happy first birthday eleanor!!!!!

Beverly said...

great pics and looks like they all had a great time! Happy Birthday Ella!