Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Halloween KISS

We started our celebration with pumpkin carving. Usually, this means mommy does the cutting and tries to get the boys to help scoop out pumpkin seeds. This year, Doug did one and I did one. The boys messed around with the pumpkin seeds a bit, but then decided it was entirely too gross. :P

Finally, it was time to get everyone dressed to trick-or-treat. The costumes I spent the week making turned out great, I think. :) I had guidance from my KISS fan husband and the KISS costume fan site. Aidan's Gene Simmons'costume is circa 1974 and Sean's Ace Frehley costume is circa 1975. The important part was that the boys LOVED them and had so much fun wearing them. Doug did the make up, while I dressed them and did the wig hairstyles.

When I took Aidan with me to buy his boots (which I found in the girls' clothing department) he had a moment of doubt. He loved the rock boots, but asked me why they were in a box with a girl on it and why they had hearts on the soles. My answer, "Because these boots mean you love to ROCK!" When we went through the check out, the mother-teen daughter behind us said, "those are cool boots!" I replied, "thanks, they're his" pointing to Aidan. They said, "Really?" He proudly told them, "Yep, I'm going to be Gene Simmons for Halloween!" LOL

Ella dressed as a little Pumpkin' Rocker and looked cute as can be. Unfortunately, she decided to take a dive off the front steps seconds after I took her photo and ended up with a big scrape on her face. I told Doug she got rough in the mosh pit. Poor sweetie!

Our first stop trick-or-treating was a church Trunk-or-Treat, where people had no idea what the costumes were. We got several, "You are scary little girls!" Oh boy!

I threw together a Groupie costume to wear with them and Doug carried the camera around as our paparazzi. Ella and I went along for a few stops, then stayed home to hand out candy. Sean lasted till about 7:15, Aidan and Doug finally came home at 9.


Wendy P said...

LOVE those costumes! Ella looks like she should be in a kids' clothing ad. Adorable!

Beverly said...

great costumes!

Heidi said...

Those are great costumes! You are so talented!

Brandie said...

Those costumes are the best! Very creative!!

Karen said...

You did a great job on the costumes! Wow, they look so authentic. What a fun Halloween!

JennyH said...

Oh my gosh- I love the costumes!