Friday, January 15, 2010

A Rite of Passage

After months of trying to "train" Ella's hair to part and grow in a direction out of her eyes, I am caving to the fact that it just isn't happening right now. She won't leave barrettes or clippings in her hair, so every day I pull up the top in a pigtail. Problem is, it's gotten so long that the whalespout look is a bit silly.
So then I tried two piggies, adorable, but hard to do on a moving target.

Next came a few weeks of pulling it to the back of her head, which works fine.

This week, I gave the side pony a try and liked it. A bit 80's, but not terrible.

However, as soon as I take her hair down, for bath or bed, it goes right back to this: a veil over her face. Personally, if my hair did that it would drive me nuts!

So today I am taking Ella to my hairdresser for her first haircut. I'm considering bangs (which many have said is the way to go at this age), but am going to see with they say there. I have a hard enough time making it in for regular haircuts for myself that I'm not sure I want the maintenance of bangs on a toddler. And, no, trust me, I am not going to snip it myself!

It's a bit emotional for me to be taking my last baby in for this rite of passage. It's like letting go of a bit of her baby hood. I know it's just hair, but a momma has attachment for things like that!

Ironically, today also seems to be the end of another part of my infant time with Eleanor. I'm having signs that the past 17 1/2 months of Lactation Amenorrhea is coming to an end. Rats! It's sad to know that unless I have some sort medical problem resulting in the need of a hysterectomy, I will "enjoying" cycles until menopause!


Heidi said...

She is so cute! I don't have to worry about such things with my boys but I always think it would be fun to come up with different hair ideas for a girl! I hope she does well getting her haircut. Looking forward to seeing pictures of her new hair!

Jennifer said...

I love the new haircut. The bangs are great, even thought he piggies were super cute, too. My boys will barely let me comb their hair, so I'm sure the piggies are a nightmare. Also, sorry about your other problem:( I guess we need to rejoice in our womanhood.

Beverly said...

love all they ways you did her hair. she is a doll. love first hair cuts.

SunMomFIL said...

I child has a future as a model. The camera loves her and she loves to play to the camera. What a doll--sometime she looks just like Doug when he was 1.