Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cutting a Rug: The Dancing Duo

All three kids have been fighting a cold at home this week. Yesterday, the youngest two felt well enough to work on their SYTYCD routine. :)

It includes pajamma infused costumes, red nose make up, and lots of twirling!


Sharon said...

Very cute! Looks like lots of fun.

Brandie said...

I can't get enough of those two together! Ella really looks like she's getting tall.

Kim V. said...

i love the tutu! that's the only part that i miss not having a girl around! i am also the only grand daughter on my mom's side!

you must have had your hands full w/ all 3 home sick!

btw - we don't know what is happening with wyatt's hair, we have a specialist appt next month, but no, he is perfectly healthy (thank god).

i keep meaning to blog about it, and i was really really sad about it - in a three week period his hair all fell out, his eyebrows are almost gone now too, and one set of eyelashes is disappearing.

we think he may have alopecia universalis, which is hair loss all over the body, and individuals with DS have a slight increase w/ alopecias because they think that alopecia occurs on the same gene as DS.

i was really really upset, but wyatt could care less and i think he's just happy to have one less grooming thing, he absolutely dislikes have his head touched.

on the 18th of march we'll know more!

ps - wool knit socks are the best! congrats on getting your first pair :)

Heidi said...

Ella is so cute in that tutu! Fun times!

Beverly said...

too cute. hope everyone is feeling better soon

JennyH said...

very cute. Love the tutu!

kim said...

how do you handle 3 sick kids? i am going nuts with just one! you are amazing! much love, kim