Friday, February 5, 2010

Eleanor Ruby, 18 Months Old Today

It's so hard to believe our baby girl is already a year and a half old! Her babyhood has gone by so incredibly fast. I am just constantly amazed by all she is doing, it just seems too early for her to be such a big girl.

She is such a talker! She tries to repeat words and adds new words all the time. I've graduated from "mama" to "Mommyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" She's decided that nursing (which we've always called "milkies" since Aidan named it) is called "nene". She calls apples "appadah" and likes adding "ies" to words (like uppies! shoesies!) "No" has already entered her vocabulary. Ella signs some words still, while saying them. I had thought we'd do more sign with her, but she's been adding words faster than signs.

Ella loves dancing with her brothers and making music. She's quite the spinner!

There is no limit to the amount of go-go-go this girl has. She's a climber and will work her way to the top of any table she sees. She can pull herself on to beds for jumping and dancing. She insists on walking up and down stairs. Very independent, when it comes to mobility.

Sean enjoys having her shadow him around. She just loves doing whatever her brother is doing. They are such a little team! Sean cracks us up with his big-brother-ness. He opens the fridge to get her snacks and drinks. He climbs up onto the counter to get her goldfish crackers. This morning he undressed himself and her (including taking off her cloth diaper!) so that they could take a shower. He assigns toys to her, brushes her hair, entertains her when she's sad, and covers her with kisses.

Aidan adores having Ella become more active in their play. He taught her to how to respond when he says "Teen Titans!" (the reply is "GO!") She constantly tackles Aidan for piggy back rides. He is willing to read her favorite books several times more after I've tired of them. He always says she's the cutest little girl ever.

Without much prompting on my part, Eleanor has started figuring out things like putting shape sorters together, naming body parts (she says & points to ears, eyes, nose, hair, mouth, toes, and belly button), and is starting to take an interest in puzzles. She loves finger play songs and claps at the end, then asks for more.

She loves to putter about with her dolls or little toys in her hands. I'm finding Little People in hiding spots all the time.

For a few months now, she has been telling us when she wets or dirties her diaper. She has recently starting going to the toilet and trying to take her diaper off. I'm beginning to think that it might be true that girls potty learn faster than boys, because she certainly is more interested in it than her brothers were at this age. I can't imagine starting that with her yet, but like the idea of our diaper days ending sooner than later.

Ella is just about transitioned to one nap a day. I'm still working on getting it at a time that works with our day and getting her bedtime earlier. Most of the time she is sleeping better at night, usually lasting until 4 or 5 am before her first waking. I'm happy that she doesn't seem to have the sleep apnea issues that the boys had. Maybe one of our kids will keep their tonsils and adenoids!

What fun it is to see her grow!


DoulaJo said...

Oh My GOODNESS! She's just growing so fast!! I was just re-reading her birth story yesterday!

Beverly said...

happy 18 months Ella!

Brandie said...

Wow, that was a fast 18 months! Ella has the most beautiful eyes in that 2nd picture. I'm jealous of how well she is sleeping. My girls loved to be up nursing all night. Aagh.

Heidi said...

Happy 18 months Ella! I love her hair - so cute!

Sharon said...

She is just adorable. Happy 18 months Ella!

JennyH said...

What a precious little girl!