Sunday, March 7, 2010

Life as a 7.5 year old Boy

Lately I have been thinking about all the fun things Aidan says and does that just excite us. Watching his mind explore different thoughts and learn new concepts is so fun. I can't say enough how pleased I am with his public school education, we feel very blessed to have found a great school for him. Doug and I try to go over concepts they are learning in school at home and also to talk about things we think interest him. Sometimes it is hard to get to really talk with Aidan about things, because he has his active siblings vying for attention as well. We often find we get the most out of our little one-on-one errands we do with him. I thought I'd jot a few recent conversations down that made us smile.

1. Doug and Aidan went for a drive to check out some videos one afternoon. Aidan mentioned to Doug that several houses had recycling bins like ours. "They must care about the environment, too!"

Then, "That house doesn't have one. They are SHELLfish."

LOL, Doug proceeded to tell him about the difference between the words shellfish and selfish and their spellings.

2. I was making scalloped potatoes for dinner one night and in a hurry to get it in the oven because it takes a long time to bake. The phone rang, I answered it and it was someone wanting to do a survey so I hung up. Went back to preparing the dish. Phone rings again, I told the kids, "Don't answer! I can't talk right now so I am going to let the machine pick up."

Aidan walks into the kitchen, talking on the phone, "Sorry. Mommy can't talk right now. She's cutting the cheese."! I started laughing so hard I almost cut my finger! I quickly washed my hands and took the phone, relieved that it was my mom on the phone and not anyone else! I think she was also laughing so hard she had tears coming down her face.

3.This one did not make us smile, but did illustrate what a kind-hearted boy we have. Doug picks Aidan up from school every day and one afternoon a girl in Aidan's class stopped Doug to tattle on Aidan. She claimed he had called her a name at recess. She said, "Aidan called me retarded today!" Doug looked at Aidan then looked back at the girl (who has a history of rubbing Aidan the wrong way) and told her, "I'm quite sure he did NOT say that to you. That is not a word we use in our home."

Aidan added, "See! I told you, J! I don't even know what reTARTed means!"

Doug told her that we do not like that word, it is a very hurtful thing to say. She seemed sullen that he didn't fall for her story.

This happened right before our parent-teacher conference, so we did bring it up with his teacher and ask that she help with that relationship.

4. Aidan got the idea that we need to have one more baby, another sister so we can have two of each. I told him that God doesn't let moms & dads pick if they have a boy or girl, He gets to decide for us. I said if we adopted a child that didn't have a mom or dad then we could pick. I said we could even pick how old they are, what they look like, and could even find a sister that has Down syndrome like Sean.

He determined, "I want a sister with blond hair in pigtails, blue eyes, and light skin like me."

I assured him that as nice as that sounded, we are content to stay a family of five.

5. Aidan has been reminiscing about preschool. He has asked if he can go to school with Sean for a day. "Sean's school is more fun. You get to play in the ball pit (sensory therapy room), go to P.Mooney (speech therapy session) and paint with cool things (fine motor therapy). First grade is tough."

I've been talking to hm about Sean starting kindergarten at his school. He's excited to walk Sean to his classroom in the morning and wait outside with him for Daddy after school. He questioned me, "What are you and Ella going to do when we are at school all day? Just stay home and be bored."

Yep, the boring life of a mom!


Heidi said...

Aidan sounds like such an amazing boy! Isn't it amazing how young minds work. I just love having conversations with Caleb and figuring out how he thinks!

kim :) said...

Love it! Kids truly are the best of us and he's even more special that he has parents who listened to him! (i'm with aidan, i want to go to school with wyatt too, he is having too much fun!)
:) k

Beverly said...

what a great big brother!