Monday, July 7, 2008

4th Photos!

As, promised, a few photos of our weekend. We spent the morning of the 4th cleaning up the backyard & Doug spent the afternoon mowing, trimming and sweeping the yard. It looks awesome out there, too bad it's been 100 freaking degrees.

Doug needs to assemble and install the Trex railings to the upper deck posts and attach vinyl lattice to the lower posts, to close it in. But it is functional now and we have steps again after 2 months of climbing up and down on a ladder! Yay!

You can also see the boys' clubhouse in the back, complete with a real mailbox that Aidan requested Daddy build for his mail from Nana.

Then we had Doug's parents, brother, niece, and a couple of friends over for a cook out. Lots of fun! When it finally got dark (9ish), we sat on the front porch to set off a few firecrackers (or as Aidan calls them, firepops.) Sean hates firepops, says "No, no, no pops!!!" So he just snuggled up to us and watched from a distance.

Daddy and Sean

Sweaty Momma and Sean

Aidan scooting around

Niece, Mackenzie, and BIL, Curt, aka the Firepop Lighters

Sean preferred to show his patriotism by waving a little flag indoors!

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