Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Hope everyone has a great and safe day! We will be celebrating by cooking out on our almost finished new deck with family tonight. Sean is terrified of fireworks, so he and I will stay in this evening while Doug takes Aidan to see the big display the city puts on. I'm sure they will have a fun night together.

Yesterday I went in for my weekly BPP and the tech did a full sono instead. I guess they changed their minds because the full sono was supposed to be next week. Oh well! Baby Eleanor's hair has grown even more! It looks close to an inch long on the sono. She passed all the BPP test with another perfect 8/8 and her estimated current weight is 5 1/2 pounds! Wow! She is still very high up in my tummy (which makes sitting down uncomfortable because she has her butt wedged in my ribs.) She also is still snuggling the placenta, so no pretty pics of her face.

I will take some photos today and share them tomorrow!

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