Friday, September 5, 2008

One is 4 Years Old & One is 4 Weeks Old

Our sweet boy Seanie is a big four year old boy now! Awww, time goes by too fast! He celebrated his special day by taking his favorite treat to school to share with his friends: yogurt! His teacher said that Sean enjoyed passing them out to everyone and really liked wearing the special birthday hat they made.

Aidan was home for the day due to a cough & runny nose, but went with me and Eleanor to the store to buy balloons and a cake for Sean. Sean was delighted to see the balloons when he came home at lunch time, and by dinner they were off the little weight thingy and one was already popped. Uncle Curt joined us for dinner, cake and presents while Sean got a phone call from each set of grandparents. Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to him and we re-lit the candles 4 times this year.

This his face when Daddy said "All done with the candles, Sean."

Sean had fun opening presents and playing with his new toys. He also got presents at Nana's house last weekend, so he is in New Toy Heaven.

I took Sean and Eleanor to the Dr's office today for well-child check ups. Yes, on my own. Yes, I learned a lesson. Do not do that again! When Sean wasn't busy trying to escape, he behaved nicely for the Dr and nurses. They didn't have a Ds growth chart for his age, so they plotted his size on a standard chart and he is in the 3rd percentile for height and 25th for weight. At least he's on there! Good news is that his ears are clear and the tubes are looking good still. We gave him 2 of the 4 shots he will need for kindergarten and will do the other 2 at a later date. He had to get blood drawn from his arm so they could do his annual screening to check for thyroid issues and the dreaded Leukemia. I always hold my breath while waiting for those results. Luckily he is such a trooper for shots/lab work and didn't cry much. He charmed the ladies in the lab. They gave him 3 sets of latex gloves, a sucker, a sticker, and a blue arm tourniquet. I think he could of walked out of there with just about anything he wanted!

Eleanor did plenty of screaming during the appointment. She is momma's girl and doesn't like being naked or laid down for long. She is growing great, up to 9 lbs 12 ozs and 22 inches long, which puts her in the 75% for height and weight. I knew she was getting big (so do my poor boobies) because she is already outgrowing clothes.

My main concern with her is this terrible outbreak on her face/head. I thought it was baby acne, but found out it is an allergic reaction. Most likely due to detergents. Since it just showed up last weekend, we assume it was from detergents my family uses since we were visiting them when it happened. The doctor recommended re-washing our clothing/bedding in free & clear detergent and avoiding any perfumed products on her clothes or bathing routine. He suggested just using plain water for washing her. If it doesn't clear up in 5 days, he said we can try a prescribed mild hydrocortison cream next. Poor little E!

After a long visit to the doctor's office, we met daddy for a nice lunch and now the kiddos are zonked out. Peace!


Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

It looks like a wonderful celebration! It sounds like both of the checkups went great too. Yay!!

datri said...

Happy Birthday Sean! Looks like you had a wonderful day!

JennyH said...

Growing kids! I hate taking the kids to the doctor--especially all 4 at once! They can tear apart a room in no time flat.

Happy Birthday to Sean and happy 4 weeks to little miss E!

jane said...

Happy Birthday Sean!
WTGRow Ella!
Hugs for all, we miss you!