Friday, September 26, 2008

Sean's Twin Brother Needs a Home!

While reading the adoption journey at Waiting for Reese I saw a photo that caught my breath. A little boy named Pavel who has Down syndrome and lives in Eastern Europe desperately needs a loving home. Pavel just turned three years old on June 5th (irronically that's Doug's birthday.) In his country, children with special needs are generally given up for adoption & placed in baby homes until the age of 4. Once they turn 4, if they haven't been adopted they are moved into an institution where they are no longer able to be adopted. These wonderful children are not viewed by their society as worthy of an education and recieve little stimulation. It's a horrific way to live and it breaks my heart to think of these angels living without the love of a parent.

Especially when I look at Pavel.

Had our Sean been born in that location, his fate may have been the same.

If Pavel captures your heart and you want to do something to help him, you can donate towards his adoption grant at Reece's Rainbow to help fund his adoption. Or if you feel Pavel has a place in your home and heart, you can use that link to inquire about adopting him.

I know that my blog doesn't reach many, but I can't get this sweet face out of my mind and thought I should try to do something. Thanks for reading.


nana said...

I can not believe that this isn't Sean he looks just like him

jane said...

awww...he is his twin, amazing. I hope he finds a home!!!

McKenna said...

They do look alike! I can't wait to meet Pavel when we go to pick up Reese from that same orphanage. It's going to be so hard to leave him and the other babies in her orphanage, but I'm praying for a Mommy and Daddy for Pavel and the other children there every single day!

Aloha! said...

That website is just heartbreaking. :( Prayers for those babies, I hope they find loving homes soon.