Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Who Da Man?

Doug's da man! This weekend marked the completion of his deck re-haul project! Yay! We now have a completely finished, sturdy, beautiful Trex deck lovingly built by Doug. This was such a huge undertaking, I am so impressed with what he accomplished. Of course, he will nit pick and tell you about the flaws he sees in his work, but I think it's fantastic.

Here's the before:

And now the after:

The boys hauling out the scraps to go to the dump.

Of course, no sooner then he had it finished something happened to it. Aidan sat underneath the table on the deck and WROTE on the floor with an ink pen! Yes, Aidan, not Sean. Doug was so stunned when he saw him that he froze. He looked like he was going to throw up, or possibly throw Aidan. I ushered Aidan inside and asked him why in the world he did that. He said "I dunno." I sighed and realized this was payback for shit I pulled as a child (I got busted twice for writing on walls at other people's property.) I told Aidan that sometimes our brains just don't get turned on and we do naughty things we shouldn't. I sat him down with a pad of writing paper and had him write, "I'm sorry Dad" several times. I Goggled "removing ink pen" and found how to get it off the deck. Doug was able to get it off, but it left a faded area. I hope it serves as a life lesson and reminder to Aidan.


JennyH said...

That looks very nice! I am sure the faded spot will blend right in -in no time.
We are adding on to our deck now. Hopefully within a few weeks it will be done.

Enjoy your deck!

Grrrampa said...

Deck looks great. You really put in the hours and I commend you for that. Your sacrifice to do it the right way paid BIG dividends. I look forward to eating a big steak while I drink scotch on the deck.

SunflowerMom said...

Jenn- good luck with your deck update, hope it goes smoothly!

Grampa- we look foward to sharing that steak with you! You've been gone way to long! Sean is getting tired of hearing "sorry, no Grampa. Grampa's bye bye."