Monday, April 12, 2010

iPods as Communication Devices & other random ideas

So, I have a few misc things to blog. One is an idea I thought of awhile ago and have been thinking about since. Here's my thoughts, bullet style. :)

* Aidan got an iPod Nano for Christmas and one of the features it has is the ability to record short videos as well as voice messages. Loads of fun for the boy that has made over 75 videos on our cell phone, but also a possible tool for Sean. See, occasionally his school has used their digital camera to film Sean's feeding therapy. We've gotten a dvd copy once in the past 3 years to show us how they work with him. I got the idea that maybe we could get a Nano for Sean's teachers to use to record sessions/helpful tips on and just send it back and forth in his backpack.

A modern day version of a communication folder or notebook that would allow us to see actual video of things he is doing & how to do them at home.

One of the biggest challenges of having a speech delayed child is that we can't ask him, "How was your day, Sean? What did you do today at school?"

They send home a generic slip of paper with boxes checked off that really offer little information on Sean's actual day compared to the rest of his class. If I saved them, I'd have a pile of paper reaching the ceiling that says "snack time: tried it? y/n liked it? y/n". 99% are checked no and no, by the way.

We've discussed if this could possibly be something worked into his IEP for next year. His preschool teacher thought it sounded like a possibility, but we haven't bought one yet for Sean's exclusive use.

Speaking of IEPs, Sean's has been scheduled for April 21. The school district Kindergarten pre-registration is on April 15, so I think I need to go to that, too.

* In news not related to Sean, his little sister is a wild woman! She looks totally toddler now with double scraped up knees and shin bruises from ankle to knee. This weekend she climbed on the porch swing and wedged her chubby thigh between the seat & back, resulting in me needing to pry it out & now has fine bruises in a linear formation.

* In related news, Sean and Ella have both learned how to unlock the front door handle. EEKS! I returned home one morning from taking Aidan to school to see the front door wide open and both of them swinging on the porch. Doug had been in the shower when I left. We now have to chain ourselves in to keep them from running out front all day.

* Aidan's school is having their Spring Concert tomorrow night and we are excited to go see him perform. He's happy that he has a line to say during the show and has memorized the words to their songs. I never knew there was a second verse to It's a Small World !

* All three kids have had massive growth spurts this winter. Aidan has gown up a clothing and shoe size since the beginning of the school year, so I took him shoe & uniform shopping last weekend. Ella is getting so tall and also moved into a new shoe size. But most surprisingly is that Sean has gained weight for the first time in YEARS! He's up to 38 pounds now, whereas he's been stuck at 34 for a couple years. He's also grown taller and I think I might fit in size 5 pants by Kindergarten.

* We found out about Sean's growth spurt due to a trip to the doctor for a nasty ear infection last week. It's cleared up now and I hope the tube is still securely in place. He had so much drainage the doctor couldn't see the tube last week. Yuck!

* We are debating on summer plans for the boys. Trying to decide on if Sean will do summer school. If Aidan will do coach-pitched baseball again. We want to get Sean in swimming lessons, he is such a fish and so in love with going to the pool.

* We also need to decide if we are going to go somewhere do something special for our 10th anniversary & Doug's 40th bday. Both events occurring this summer.

* We need to plan a start date for our summer building project- tearing out the ratty old fence and making a lovely new wood privacy fence.

Yeah, I guess that's enough for now.


Jennifer said...

Aidan's SLP was telling us about how people are using ipods as mini-communication devices. So, it's been done. I think it's a great idea!! I think there are some apps out there to use already.

Sharon said...

I've been wondering about ipods/itouch too. Thanks for bringing it up. Keep us posted on what you decide and how it goes.
Sounds busy and lots of fun at your house. We have a little one who can escape out the front door too. We now have to keep the gate shut and the door chained just to be sure.

Kim said...

I had no idea about the newer ipod having that capability. what a great idea. especially if they are using a technique that is working! defiantly would love to hear how it goes.

we too had 2 house escaping incidents last month and had to install key only dead bolt and a chain latch.