Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"You say it's your birthday...

well it's my birthday, too!" So today I thought I'd share pictures of my life before motherhood. :)

10 years ago, I went from being a single woman to a wife

as my Dad entrusted another man with my happiness

and my Mom said goodbye to her last unmarried daughter.

19 years ago, I was an optimistic young college student with endless possibilities before me.

29 years ago, I was introduced to foreign lands and cultures as I explored Europe with my older sister and Grandmother. What an awakening!

33 years ago, I dreamt of princesses and barbies and castles with mouse ears while snuggled next to my younger sister.

38 years ago, I experienced the sisterhood of multi generations with my older sister, aunts, mother and grandmother.

Looking at myself 38 years ago, I see my young daughter in my own face, under my father's gaze.

39 years ago, I smiled in my young mother's arms, the planned and loved second daughter. So much living laying ahead, extraordinary experiences, limitless learning, boundless love.

I often wonder of my mother's journey in motherhood. Does it seem so fleeting to her as it does to me? Does she feel like she can just blink and decades swirled past? Where does her journey end and mine begin? Where will my daughter's journey begin, or has it already? Do we all walk this path together, mother-to-daughter-to-daughter-to-mother?

Happy birthday to me, Mom. Thank you for holding my hand as I walk.


RK said...

What a VERY cool post! And wow, you have some great pictures from the years past... Happy Birthday!! May it be another awesome memory on your journey!

Beverly said...

oh my! I love this post! so, so beautiful and sweet. Happy, happy Birthday to you!

KBH said...

Such a wonderful post!!!

Brandie said...

I love the picture of you mother holding you as a newborn! Happy Birthday. My dh just turned 39 on the 3rd.