Thursday, April 8, 2010

Party like you're turning 39!

Last night, Doug arranged to have his brother babysit all three kids (he hadn't kept shy Ella before) while he took me out to dinner! He came home from work with a bouquet of flowers, a birthday cake for after dinner, and a silly gag gift (a Popeye tee shirt.) We had a great dinner at Il Potrillo where I enjoyed a Margaretta and ate shrimp & scallop fajitas. My sister called while we were waiting on our drinks and we both panicked that it was a call from home already! Instead it was a "Happy Birthday" serenade.

Curt said all three kids were great for him and they seemed content when we got home. Aidan helped Doug fill the tiny cake with the entire box of candles for my cake inferno.

Made a wish with the help of Sean.

Curt suffered from smoke inhalation. Or did his eyebrows get singed?

Sean surprised us all by taking several bites out of the cake! No, worries, we just ate from the other side.

We are planning on a dinner party and hotel night in Manhattan in a couple of weeks to celebrate with my parents, sister and nephews. Lucky me, blessed to have so much love in my life!


Julie Steen said...

What a great day!!!

RK said...

That sounds like a wonderful birthday celebration... especially shrimp and scallop fajitas! :o)You ARE blessed, my friend!

Heidi said...

Happy Happy birthday! So glad you were able to enjoy your day and celebrate!