Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Celllllebrate Good Times, Come On!

It's the night before Aidan's birthday and I am reminiscing about his birth and how shockingly fast the years have flown by.

I can't believe it has been five years since he was born! I can so clearly remember laying in bed the night before, rubbing my belly and telling him to hang tight! My due date was November 17 and I wanted Aidan to wait until November 16th or later to be born, because we had a huge event scheduled for the evening on the 15th at work. Doug and I had been working long days to get things ready at work so that I could take some time off after the birth. I needed one more day of working, and I went to bed telling Aidan "We are almost done, sweetie! One more day then we will be ready for you!"

Of course, he decided to wake me up at 6 am with contractions! Doug and I got out of bed, got showered and dressed and went in to work to try to get as much done as we could. I finally called my mom at 9 to ask her to take me to labor & delivery. Labor progressed at a steady pace and Aidan was born at 3:50 pm. Our big event at work started at 5 pm, run by a great group of friends and family in our absence. After his arrival, it became clear that from that day forward being a mother was my priority in life.

I've learned so much about myself and relished watching my firstborn grow into the wonderful little boy he is today. He is just as beautiful and breathtaking to me today as he was five years ago. As much as he is able to push me and test me, he is equally able to fill me with such love and pride. I have such a fierce love for my son, Aidan Riley, the fiery Scorpio. My mini-me, my little soul mate.

Happy Birthday, Aidan. I look forward to celebrating your birth all week!

Yahoo! It's time to go to Nana's House!

Rocking out with my cousins, Adam and Seth.

Birthday bash at the bowling alley. Aidan scored a sweet 49!

Awesome! A V-Smile from Nana and Papa. Sean is crazy about the Toy Story game from Aunt Tanya.

Making a wish for more birthday fun!

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SunMomFIL said...

Happy Birthday Aidan. Sorry I missed the celebration. I will bring you an orange from FL next week--picked it myself.