Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wild and Crazy Kids!

Here's an Aidan story I've been meaning to share.

For a couple of weeks this summer I had the pleasure of keeping my 7 1/2 year old niece Mackenzie at our house while my brother-in-law was working. Aidan adores Mackenzie, he absolutley idolizes her. Luckily, she isn't sick of the attention and has a lot of fun with him. One afternoon, they decided to play dress up, which usually involves digging in my closet and putting together various outfits then performing a song in them. We had a lot of fun putting together silly looks and when the daddys got home they wanted to show them some outfits, too.

I made a quick run to the store while they were still playing dress up and when I got home, the daddys had some fun photos to show me.

The daddys state that the kids went into the kitchen and loaded up the car on their own then cruised into the living room to show off. Oh MY!


~Melissa~ said...

They look like they are having a fantastic time!

jharootunian said...