Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Walking and Talking

Inspired by Michelle's interviews with Ciarra at DownBlogger, I decided I should try to get a bit of video of Sean's building vocabulary. He has several words and signs that he uses, but it isn't always easy to get him to perform on demand, as any parent knows! Here is take three of Sean's chat with Mom. Hope you enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

Way cute! Bethany loved it when Sean kissed the camera!

-The Rices

Nana said...

I just love the way he said bye bye. He sure likes kissing the camera. Too bad we can't get him to give us his kisses.

Michelle said...

Oh HI!! I saw your post. Sean is adorable, and talking so well! It will be a treasure someday to look back on these old videos and see how far he is coming.
Did you notice how he reacted angrily when you asked him about a horse? How many times do you suppose he has been asked "whats a horse say?" in his life? If he is anything like my Ciarra at that age...LOTS! He is about the same age she was when I found Communicating Partners with Dr Jim McDonald. You do SO much of the good stuff with Sean, repeating back, expanding what he says, communicating. Like me, you also make the mistake of going itno boring territory.."wheres the horse"...he obviously didnt want to talk about it AGAIN ;)
You should join CP, it is an awesome way to learn the best ways to get your child with DS talking. You are a natural! Hope to see you there!! And thanks for visiting Cs video, I have you added to favorites now.

SunflowerMom said...

Sara, You can tell bethany, one of those kisses is for her! :)

Mom- I know! Little stinker! That camera got more lovin than me.

Michelle- I read what you've written about CP (I think on your blog) and thought, "oh crap, I'm doing this wrong!" It is hard to stop yourself from asking your child to say what you want to hear instead of just supporting what they want to say. I'm working on it, though!

And, yes, he got a little mad at me cuz he was dying to get into that playdough! "Enough, mom, open the bucket- NOW!"

Megan's got 47 said...

too funny, me and Megan watched together and she has on the same shirt...he is way too cute! GREAT job Sean!