Friday, January 23, 2009

25 Bits o' Deborah

Jennifer at Elliot's Nest tagged me for this, so hopefully I can type it out before Ella needs me. And hopefully I can think of 25 things about myself!

1. I have only lived in 3 states in the US: Illinois, Kansas and Alabama.
2. I have visited 20 states (not counting states I merely drove thru or had airplane layovers at.)
3. I have lived in 2 countries: US and Germany.
4. I have visited 10 countries outside the US: Mexico, Belize, Germany, England, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, and Switzerland.
5. I never ever dreamed I'd end up spending most of my life in Kansas.
6. The longest I have lived in one house/apartment is five years.
7. I prefer to live in moderately sized cities, close to a larger city, so that I can enjoy a sense of community while still having the benefits of large city life. I love cultural diversity!
8. When we lived in Goodland KS, I had a major culture shock, but grew to love the quiet life out west. I dubbed my Sunflower Mom name from there, nodding to the beautiful sunflower fields that surrounded us and the Giant Van Gogh Painting that loomed over us.
9. When we bought our current house, the kitchen was painted teal green and had a sunflower wallpaper border around the ceiling. I did not like it and was happy to see it gone.
10. This year is my 20 year high school graduation anniversary. I attended high school in Germany, so I won't be going to a reunion. I joined Facebook instead to see what my classmates are up to.
11. I describe my college years as "my scenic route to adulthood." I started college with high ambitions of finishing in four years with a degree in history. I wanted to continue on and become a professor of history. My first semester I struggled through my first history class and excelled in psychology. I changed my major to Psych.
12. After four years of Psych, including a transfer to KSU & only 12 credit hrs left to graduate, I changed my major again. Decided I didn't want to get a PhD.
13. I began studying art and finished in 3 more years with a Fine Arts degree. My concentration area was Sculpture, with Metalsmithing as a secondary focus.
14. The only thing I have sculpted since college is Playdo.
15. Doug and I met thru mutual friends. His bandmate worked with my boyfriend. They used to hang out together at the apartment I shared with the boyfriend.
16. Doug and I started hanging out together, sans the friend and my ex-boyfriend, after a 4th of July party in 1998. By December 98, we were a couple. We moved in together a year later and married in May 2000.
17. I hope my kids take their time to enjoy college and adulthood before settling down.
18. I hope I live long enough to see them enjoy their young adult years and start families.
19. I often worry that we started our family when we were too old. I have a hard time picturing what life will be like 20 yrs from now.
20. I love to travel and would love to be able to visit a new place every year. Doug has never been to Europe and I really hope to share that experience with him.
21. I look forward to when my children are old enough to appreciate travel more. We have taken them on several trips already. Since Aidan was born, we have been on vacations to Colorado (several times), Belize, Illinois, Maine, and West Virginia.
22. If possible, I'd like to take them to visit my Aunt and Uncle in Oregon next.
23. I would love to take the kids on an Amtrack trip while they are still young enough to be thrilled by the experience. I went on one when I was 7 and still remember it vividly.
24. I have a caffeine vice. My favorite form is Red Diamond brand Sweet Tea. My sister Tanya and I refer to it is our Crack Tea. It is seriously so so good.
25. My MIL is taking Ella and me shopping tomorrow, as my Christmas gift. I need to hit the hay so I can hit the racks tomorrow!


Jennifer said...

I love it! Thanks for participating. Now that you're on Facebook you'll probably get to use it twice.

Lovin Mama said...

Your b-day is exactly 3 days after my hubby's. He thinks about 20 years from now,too. We didn't wait long to start a family, we've just drug it out, trying to make these years last as long as we can. Our kids keep us young.