Friday, January 2, 2009

Welcome 2009!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope it is a wonderful new year for everyone. I predict our year will go by so fast as we see Ella grow into a toddler, Sean developing more language, and Aidan morphing into a 1st grader. I know that Doug's year will be busier for him at work, the company is buying 80 new accounts this year from a former competitor. Hopefully we can all adjust to the longer hours Doug will need to work. The boys just love their Daddy so much. We have been so lucky that he has been able to provide for us and still be here when we need him. Most single-income families do not have that luxury. I hope the new year gives me time to enjoy my kids, learn new things, help my community, and work on being a better wife and mother to my family.

Doug and I actually managed to see the new year begin together. After an evening out, we got the kids to bed and kept our eyes open long enough to share a kiss at midnight. Too bad Doug ate enchiladas with onions for dinner. LOL

Today we took the kids to spend their gift cards from Grandpa Steve and Becky at WalMart. Aidan picked out the Imaginext Gorilla Play Mountain that he's been wanting for a few months. So far it's a big hit with both of them. They got the Imaginext Pirate Ship last year for Christmas and have played with it daily since. It looks like the Gorilla Mt will get a lot of playtime as well. Sean got a Hot Wheels Light & Sounds trike. He is so excited about it! Luckily it was on sale, so we only paid $30 for it. Doug put it together and the boys took turns riding it in the house the rest of the day. Sean seriously didn't want to get off it!

I made a bunch of snacky things for dinner, inspired by fellow bloggers shared recipes. We had the Elliot Dip and Sliders along with boneless hot wings with celery, and cheese & crackers. Uncle Curt & Kenzie brought over Rice Crispie Treats and Brownies. Aidan had me put out a bowl of Cheeto Curls. Yummy stuff!

I went to bed early with Ella, so when she woke me to nurse at 5 am I couldn't so back to sleep. I kinda like my early am time to myself. I get a little laundry done, have quiet time to read or write. I do end up burning out by afternoon though, so that is a downfall. Well, it won't be long before Seanie's looking for me, so I might try to sneak back into bed.


Jennifer said...

Did you like the dip? Or is it an acquired taste? I'm glad you tried it!! Happy New Year!

SunflowerMom said...

I liked it, but Doug wasn't too wild about the chili sauce. I'm surprised he didn't like it, he's usually pretty easy to please!