Tuesday, January 27, 2009

For the Love of Oz

I did some interesting blog meandering tonight and thought I'd pull these two stories together.

I started out reading the latest entry at The Rocking Pony. Karen linked to a blog post by Tranny Head Rawks ... and Is Hawter Than You that got me laughing, so I started reading more there. THR has a weekly post where she dishes about different states. Of course, I wanted to read what she said about good ol' Kansas.

I've never actually been to Kansas. However, I DO actually know people from Kansas. From what I understand, the place is a total wasteland.

Not that what's there is that bad. Instead, there's just nothing there. From what I have heard, you can drive forever and just see flatness. Flatter than flat flatness. I mean, picture my boobs, and then think of the opposite of that. That might give you an impression of the flatness.

If it were possible to have a state that was imploded, Kansas would be that state. I think this is why there are tornadoes there. It's an effort for the state to implode.

I decided to see what Dr. Google would tell me about Kansas. Most pictures I found were of (big surprise) tornadoes. Besides tornadoes, there were some sorry looking pictures.

Hmm, not exactly a stellar review of my adopted home state. While reading the comments posted about her review of the home of Oz, the last one was a lone defender so I checked out her blog.

Lady K is a Kansas born and raised lover of Oz. She completely captured the essence of Kansas in this
post about summertime. Now, most natives will tell you that summer is the roughest time of the year to live here. The heat, the humidity, the bugs. But as a child you don't notice those things. You embrace the warmth because it means the pool is open and so refreshing. The humidity is no match for big fat slice of Black Diamond Watermelon. And while the mosquitos and chiggers are no fun, Lady K points out the sound of the Cicada and the fun of catching lightening bugs. She included fabulous vintage photos of her summertime youth and it brought me right back to mine.

Poor ol' Kansas is so often misunderstood and the butt of jokes. It may not be every one's paradise but it is well-loved by many.


Lovin Mama said...

Don't ya love wondering around in blogland. I have never thought of Kansas as a "wasteland". I would love to visit, I have always envsioned it as the heart of America. But, I'm a country girl so bugs are no biggie.

Karen said...

Ha! My good friend Tranny (not really one, for the record) is on a stint to bash every state in the union. She has nothing personal against Kansas. I'm waiting for her scathing review of PA.

Trannyhead said...

BWAHAHAHA! Hooray! I have successfully incensed and enraged another happy citizen. Karen's right - I'm an equal opportunity giver of offense. No state is immune from my wrath.

Thanks for stopping by and linking to me ... I hope you'll be back!

Kaytabug said...

I'm glad you enjoyed that post, and thought I "captured the essence of Kansas"! That really made me smile! :)

Thanks for the link. It's nice to know that some adopted Kansans find the beauty in the state too!