Monday, January 19, 2009

The Singer Sessions; Vol II: A Special Gift for a Special Baby

I had a extra motivation for practicing my sewing this week. A friend and fellow La Leche League member gave birth on New Year's Day to her son, Micah. Amy had told me during her pregnancy that she was interested in trying prefold cloth diapers with her new baby. In the past she had used pocket diapers or fitted diapers. I mentioned that I would hold on the Ella's as she outgrew them to pass them along. Amy also asked if I knew someone that would dye them, as she loves bright colors.

A seed was planted in my head and I was happy to see it grow into a finished project tonight.

Last week, I dyed the diapers and a baby t-shirt using Dylon permanent dyes. After washing them several times to make sure the excess dye was washed out, I started embellishing them. I used the Freezer Paper Stencil process to paint a hot air balloon on the shirt, spelling out Micah's name. Unfortunately one of my paint colors is very close to the shirt color so the contrast isn't that great on one letter. Doug teased me that it reads "Mich" instead of "Micah." Hopefully it doesn't look that bad in person!

When shopping for fabric for the prefolds, I knew that I wanted something very colorful and hopefully in rainbow motif without being girly. I was so happy to find the hot air balloon fabric! Just right for Micah.

See, Micah is known in pregnancy and birth loss groups as a Rainbow Child.

A rainbow represents promise and hope. In Genesis, the story of Noah and a flood that destroyed the earth is described. It rained for 40 days and nights and only Noah and his family were saved because of their obedience the God. They listened and tried to warn others to no avail. Well, when it was all over and the water began to recede a rainbow appeared in the sky as God's promise to never destroy the earth by flood again. It gave them hope that they were safe and that the future would be bright in a sense.

Essentially the "promise" would be a living child and hope that it can and will happen for all of those that want it so badly.

Micah is the beautiful rainbow following his sister's death. Emily was such a precious little girl, so loved and adored by her family. I remember Amy bringing newborn Emily to meetings. Her passing was so sad for everyone. I hope Micah brings hope, healing and happiness to his family.

I should see Amy and Micah tomorrow night at our LLL meeting and give her my colorful gift. I hope she likes it!


Jenn said...

I'm sure she'll LOVE it. :)

Karen said...

What a wonderful gift. You're very creative!

Jennifer said...

What an amazing gift! You put in so much hard work!

Ruby's Mom said...

Wow! I agree with Karen,you are very creative! I love the diapers!

Lovin Mama said...

Deborah, you are awesome! What a beautiful gift, from your heart to Micah.

Stephanie said...

Super cute diapers! The perfect gift - I know she will love it.

jane said...

BEAUTIFUL!! Those will bring them joy each time they use one, very nice mama!

JennyH said...

Those are very cool. I'm sure she loved them!

JennyH said...

I just read the article- what a big baby!!