Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Calling All Inventors!

Can someone please invent a tracking device of some sort for my son's glasses? Please? Please?????

I am soooo tired of playing "Where did Sean hide his glasses?"


Lovin Mama said...

Is he really hiding them? I'm always looking for my glasses in the am. My middle dd used to hide things and then watch us look for them. It took a couple weeks before I realized what was going on. We laugh about it now.

Jennifer said...

We went through that with Aidan for a long time. Since he started to leave them on we have been able to teach him to "put them away" on a table or his dresser. But, first, we had to get to the point where he would leave them on...I wish you the best of luck. I know what you're going through. Just watch your feet. Once I stepped on Aidan's and we had to get them repaired.

SunflowerMom said...

I think he sometimes is hiding them and sometimes it's just that he takes them off in an obscure place and we have to hunt for them.

He usually wears them fairly well, unless they are hurting him (we can't seem to get the nose pads to stay adjusted & not leaving marks.) This morning, he asked us to put the on! Wow! So we did, but in the car on the way to school he took them off again. I put them back on when we got there & they say he does fine with them there. Lord help us if he loses them there! They'd never be found!

I think we need to work on stressing "Okay Sean, time to take glasses off. We put them in a safe place when they are off." then show him where to put them.

I do live in fear that they will get stepped on or sat on!

Little Miss E said...

I always wish life had a "google type search engine" like my computer. Just type in what you need and it shows you where it is. I know, I'll keep dreaming!