Monday, March 16, 2009

Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite!

A few weeks ago, Aidan expressed an interest in starting to sleep in his own bed. What prompted this, we have no idea, but we were happy to jump on the concept! His terms: as long as Sean sleeps in there with me. This meant that first we needed to get a bed for Sean to sleep in. Plus, Aidan wanted daddy to sleep in there too until they got used to it.

Saturday, we took the kids to a furniture store and bought a mattress set for Sean. I found cute bedding to go with their space themed room and got it all washed up and put together for him. We went to a church dinner party that night and Sean was exhausted by the time we got home. I carried him upstairs to put him to bed and asked him if he was ready to sleep in his big boy bed. He said yes, so we went in there and laid down together until he fell asleep. Doug and Aidan went to sleep in there later on, but by 2 a.m. both boys had climbed down off their beds to sleep with daddy on the floor. He decide that wasn't too comfortable, so he carried them back into the master bedroom to sleep on the king size bed.

Sunday night, they tried again, only this time they all went to bed at the same time and Doug tried to get the boys to fall asleep in their own beds without laying with them first. From what I could hear over the baby monitor, it didn't go so well. I took a few photos of them tucked in and pretending to fall asleep. They all moved to the king bed again before midnight.

Through the past five or so years, we've tried at different times to have the boys sleep in their own beds. We've never had much success with it and we usually put the attempts to rest after a few nights of bed shuffling. I enjoy co-sleeping with my kids, it keeps us close as a family and gives us loving time together without the kids picking fights or wrestling. Most of the time, Doug enjoys it as well. It's been harder on him since I moved out of the family bed to sleep separately with Ella because now he has both boys snug on him all night. He is feeling like he'd like more space.

I always try to keep Dr. Sears' mantra in mind, "When a need is met, it is no longer requested." We shall see how this round of sleep arrangements works out. Whether or not their need for co-sleeping has been met and they are ready to be independent. Eventually they will want their own space, so at least now we have beds for them when that time comes.


Jennifer said...

Congrats! What a huge step. I'm sure they will love their new beds!

Beverly said...

Good luck! Noah has had his own bed all along but he still sleeps with us. I will enjoy it while it lasts. I think Noah's sleep issues have a lot to do with him needing us to be with him before he will even go to sleep?

ChesapeakeBorn said...

I still debate with myself about how long Will should sleep with us, so thank you for reminding me of Dr. Sear's mantra! I absolutely love having him nestled up against me. When he is ready I'm sure he will begin the process of moving on to his own bed, just like Aiden!

Those sheets are adorable!

Lovin Mama said...

The move to their own beds was very gradual for my kids. Especially my middle child. But, at 7 she can fall alseep alone in her room and stay there all night. She is now weaning herself from leaving the closet light on. I don't think you and Doug will ever regret the time spent with your children, even if it is while your asleep. I get sad when I think about not having a little one in our bed.

Karen said...

The room is darling! I love the space theme. And hang in there, I've not known any college kids co-sleeping with their parents. haha

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

That is so cute! We were/are a co-sleeping family. D was in our bed until he was about 4, and then one day he just decided he was ready. We never put any pressure on him, every now and then we'd try the bed, but if it didn't work no biggie. I know my husband and I both loved sounds like you do too. Don't worry, eventually they'll enjoy their own space.