Friday, March 27, 2009

Oh, Google Me!

I love having a sitemeter on my blog. It's always fun to see who reads here and how they found me. I check it out a couple times a week and here's some Google gems from the past week or so.

webkinz birthday cake This is the most frequently linked search to my blog. I get more hits looking for Webkinz party ideas/cakes than any other topic.
sign language fabric I still like those bean bags and now I have a sewing machine so I should try to make them!
down syndrome weaning I am guessing weaning my child with Down syndrome will go the same as my child without Down syndrome.
4 the love of my special ks You want Renee and Renee's blog is linked on my sidebar!
obama, puke Really? What else did you find when combining these two words?
a day in the life of a sunflower story I didn't know sunflowers had a fascinating life. "Look towards the sun! Look happy!"
Down syndrome cartoon I haven't seen any cartons about Down syndrome or with Ds characters.
HELPING HANDS AWARDS WORLD DOWN SYNDROME DAY 21 MARCH 2009 Award? I didn't win any awards.
vintage cartoons I like them too.
isoimmunity Is not fun and can be scary.
down's syndrome atlanto axial instability intubation Get xrays done, please!
free sunflower story young children Yep, I have free stories for young kids and adults!
letters to get out of jury duty for stay at home moms You should breastfeed, that works in KS!


Beverly said...

too funny

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

LOL I love looking at those too! Too funny someone got to your blog with a "special k" hit... I always wonder how many people are looking for the cereal that come to my blog that way! LOL