Friday, March 27, 2009

Pictures of the Week

For some reason, my camera is no longer reading the USB cord so I haven't been able to upload pics at home. Doug has had the joy of ferrying the memory card back in forth to the office and emailing me my photos. So, here's this week's batch of pics!

It began with Sean, passed out on the living room floor on Puke Monday.

Tuesday he was a bit better, so we had a little O.T. time involving Mommy's lifeblood coffee and some noodles. Sean was not interested in letting Ella work on her fine motor skills, so we also got to work on S.T. as he repeated "NO, Ella!"

Wednesday, I got some long-awaited fluffy mail. Custom knit shorties for Ella Bean to wear this summer. Unfortunately, I think I sized up way too big as they make excellent capri pants on her.

Sean is always trying to put on her yummy soft woolies, so he was so happy that we finally have ones that fit him. LOL

Thursday, I finished up Sean's school carnival project. The theme is Under the Sea; Doug and I made the backdrop for the putt putt game. That's a whole lotta whale!

Today I sent Sean to school and Doug delivered the whale, only to find out that due to this freak spring snow storm we are having that the carnival has been postponed until April. Oh well, now we can't procrastinate any longer. Aidan's school called and said they were closing at 1:00 today, so we are all staying tucked indoors. Crazy weather!


JennyH said...

Sean is stylin' in E's shorts! Sounds like you guys had a fun week last week! Hope everyone is now all better.
Cute Whale!

Beverly said...

You did a great job on the whale! I love E new outfit and looks great on Sean too. : )

Jennifer said...

I love those woolies! I am determined to make some for a boy before winter. I've only knitted scarves so far, but I'm ready to branch out into something new.

Enjoy the snow. Weird, it's going to be 60 degrees here in Ohio and you are having a blizzard!