Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekend Retreat

We took a little work and play retreat this weekend. Friday night, we drove to Wichita to stay the night in a hotel and let the kids play in the indoor pool. It was Ella's first time in a pool and I didn't take any photos! Ugh, well, she didn't care for the pool because it was too cold. She did enjoy dipping her toes in the hot tub, though. We will have to stage that again and get photos next time. Sean and Aidan adored it, of course, those two love getting wet in any form.

Saturday, Ella and I went to a day-long workshop for La Leche League Leaders where we got to hear presentations by Diane Wiessinger, MS, IBCLC. She is a great speaker, very entertaining and had original approachs to the topics she covered. I am really glad I was able to attend and felt like I came away with a lot of useful information. Plus I got to hang out with real life cloth diapering/breastfeeding/babywearing mamas and kiddos all day!

Doug took the boys around Wichita to play all day. They went to SportsZone where they played putt putt golf and video games, had lunch, found a playground to play in, then met up with a friend for chips and salsa at a Mexi place. By the time they picked up the girls, they were pretty tired!

We drove from Wichita to my parents' house that night, with a stop at a nasty truck stop for dinner. Shudder. Sean and Ella took naps in the van while Aidan and I watched Kung Fu Panda.

Sunday was spent going to brunch with my family, hanging out at the house, and a little shopping for weekend pants for Aidan. Monday Ella and I went to my mom and dad's offices so they could show off their youngest grandbaby. Eventually we made the drive home and are now enjoying our spring break week in our jammies!

In spite of my intentions to take photos this weekend, I only shot a couple of the kids having a bath together in mom's retro tub. Now she officially has photos of every grandchild in the yellow boat.

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