Wednesday, April 29, 2009

All About Aidan

I've been wanting to post this for a week and haven't taken the time to upload the video, so I cued it up to load overnight!

Aidan is almost done with Kindergarten and it is just amazing how much he has learned this year! Doug and I couldn't be more proud of his academic achievements. Prior to Kindergarten, he was really on the cusp of learning to read- he was very interested and eager to learn, but I just didn't know the best way to teach him so I panicked and didn't try. Once he got to school, it seemed like his teacher really helped him figure it all out quickly. He met all of the reading goals she set for the class this year and he also excelled in math so he earned a place in the Principle's Math Club.

Most of the time, Aidan has a great attitude towards others and is a very friendly, outgoing, kind kid. He is funny, creative, and very entertaining. Lately, he has been telling us that he wants to be an artist when he grows up, though he did tell Papa that he wants to be an Army guy when we saw him last week. He is very supportive of his brother and encourages him. He really enjoys having a sister so much more than I imagined he would. I love hearing him talk about their futures!

We have had challenges this year with his attitude towards us. He really pushes our buttons more than anyone and it has taken a lot of strength to work on that behavior. I think the stress of school and being tired from working so hard there has caused most of his attitude issues. Plus he is a child that gets very grumpy if he goes without food for long, always has been that way. For such a skinny little kid, he sure eats a ton!

Aidan is looking forward to a few things this summer: he wants to learn to ride his bike without training wheels, he is excited about playing t-ball and going to the Y to swim. I hope that we can get to the library for story time often so we can keep up the reading. He is into Junie B. Jones and Captain Underpants books right now, so we will have to check more out. He has been eager to grow our own food for the past two summers, so I hope we can grow something this year.

Tonight is Aidan's school music concert and Doug and I are excited to see his class sing. Aidan has been singing the songs to us so much that I think we will have to bite our tongues to keep from singing along. Aidan, we love you!


Wendy P said...

He sounds like a great kid! I love his sweet smile at the end of the video.

Jennifer said...

What a sweet kid! It's great for your other babies to have such an awesome big brother!

Beverly said...

You have a great little boy!!!

JennyH said...

Awe- so cute. Is he in all day K? I should probably know this, right? Sam is also in K - only half day and in the PM. Next year will kill her waking up early! Sam missed the cut off date by 3 days so she is the youngest in class (barely 5 1/2 now). I can see such difference in her and the other kids. Like Aidan's drawings- those look great. I'm not sure if Sam is at that level yet.

Hope he has a great summer growing food!

jane said...

Aw, how nice to read about your big boy! Ian is getting ready to go to K in the fall and while I have mixed emotions about it, he is really looking forward to it, which is great. It's nice to read about how much Aidan loves it :)