Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mennonites Last Night, Early Ed Today

We enjoyed the Mennonite Relief Sale "Feeding the Masses" super last night. I'm lucky we got to stay for it, because when we got there and saw the line to get in, Doug was ready to leave. I was amazed how fast they got people fed and can't wait to hear how many ate there. The line took 40 minutes to get through and kept moving the whole time. We tried a little of everything, some Mennonite dishes we'd never had. Aidan didn't find much he was willing to try so he filled up on carrots, celery, and homemade bread.

We managed to get to the indoor children's playground just a few minutes before they deflated the blow up bouncy toys. Sean isn't a big fan of those, but Aidan loves them. After that, Aidan wanted to try to dunk the guy in the dunk tank and managed to get him on the third ball! Sean kept signing & saying "ball! ball! ball!" So we paid for him to give it a try. The vendor let Sean stand pretty close to the target and take many, many shots at hitting it. Even though he came close, it didn't trigger the dunk. So the vendor lifted Sean up to the target and let him hit it with his fist! Sean was so excited to see the guy splash into the tank! He ran around getting high fives from everyone.

They had a auction table set up for children to bid on toys and Sean fell in love with the fire truck from the Cars movie. It was difficult to explain to him that we couldn't just buy it and go. I will have to keep it in mind for future gift giving.

This afternoon we are going to the Spring Carnival at Sean's school, the Early Education Center. We'll get to see the Whale in action! The kids can come dressed as pirates or other sea themed costumes, so we need to dig out some pirate gear for them to wear.

I am hoping to take Sean in to order a new pair of glasses. His first pair needs to be fixed and I think it's time we get a backup for these frequent tune ups!

Have a great day blog readers!

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