Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Fun

Photos from our weekend at home, shared with Doug's family.

Uncle Curt supervising the egg dying on Easter Eve.

Sean intently coloring an eggg before dying it.

Aidan enjoying the best part of his Easter Bunny.

Sean gave it a taste, but quickly spat it out and said "Yuck!"

Ella working on her dance moves in her tutu from the Easter Bunny.

The kids after the egg hunt at church. Ella was not interested in joining the group.

A poor attempt to get the kids to take a nice photo together at Easter dinner.

Family photo with Grandma, Grampa, Uncle Curt and cousin Mackenzie.

Relaxing at home with Daddy.

And with Grampa.


My name is Sarah said...

I'm with you Sean - not so crazy about the chocolate. Looks like you had a good Easter.

Lovin Mama said...

Happy Easter! Love the bright purple tutu :)

Beverly said...

Looks like you all had a good time! Great photos!

Nana said...

Who is the little Boy that Doug and Larry are holding?