Monday, April 13, 2009

Task Chart

Last semester, we were having difficulties getting Aidan motivated to get himself ready for school in the morning. He's always been a slow mover first thing so we were constantly having battles getting to school on time. His teacher mentioned that he was having trouble at school getting things done in a timely manner and suggested we both make task charts for him to help him keep on track and remember what he needed to get done.

The preschool the boys went to/Sean goes to, had these simple picture activity strips around to help kids learn the order of the day. I used that idea to make one for us so the boys can see what needs to be done before school and after school. Aidan offered input on what he wanted me to add in (for some reason he felt it was important to note that he always needs to go potty right after school.) We also set up the rewards for getting things done on time (computer in the morning and TV time before bed.)

To make the chart, I bought a regular piece of poster board, then attached one side of sticky back Velcro to it in a traveling pattern. I searched online for clip art images or actual images of the tasks we do, then printed them on card stock. I sealed the square pieces in clear packing tape so they'd hold up longer and then stuck Velcro to the backs. Then stuck them to the board in the order we try to get things done. There are gaps of time that we keep open for our flexibility but the routine things are on the schedule.

Both boys enjoy using the chart and get excited when they get their steps all done without prompting. I hope to build on it with more tasks as they get older and less specific steps as they get used to doing the routines without prompting.


Lovin Mama said...

This is great! Do the boys each have their own or do they share one? I need one for myself. Ha!

SunflowerMom said...

Right now, we just use one chart for both since the tasks are fairly basic. Sean likes the take bath and pink panther cards the best. :)

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Very cool idea. I might have to steal that from you :)

Terri said...

I love it. I will likely use something like this in the future.