Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Soaking in the Vitamin D

At last! The sun has found us! We had a beautiful afternoon yesterday- warm, no wind. Ella, Sean and I played in the back yard before Aidan came home from school so I snapped a couple of pictures of Ella enjoying the warm day.

When Aidan got home, the boys had fun playing t-ball and had Daddy set up a baseball diamond in the yard for them to run. Sean was cracking us up, he'd hit the ball, then go after it and carry the ball and bat around the bases with him. LOL We are going to have to work on that part before t-ball season starts next month. I sent in the registration forms for both boys to play this year. I am trying to line up stuff to keep them busy! I have the library story hour schedule and the come & go crafts schedule. I hope to talk Doug into swim lessons for the boys also.


KBH said...

She's so cute! Seriously. Could she be any happier?

Beverly said...

I love her cute outfit.

Raisingarrows said...

Hey there! Didn't realize you were in blogland! Thanks for stopping by!

We've been soaking up the D too...I keep telling the kiddos, "Go outside and get some D!"

Love the skirty! Think Micah would mind if I put him in one?! lol