Thursday, June 19, 2008

First Biophysical Profile

I went in for my first BPP today and it went really well. Got in and out quickly, so I was home in less than 3 hours. A BPP is a test using ultrasound to measure four things about the baby & gives each part a score up to 2 points:
1. amount of amniotic fluid
2. heart rate & respiratory signs
3. fine motor movement
4. gross motor movement

In our case, they are also checking the condition of the placenta. I asked the tech if I could have a print of the placental lake (the concern my Drs are watching) and was told no, that those are diagnostic images and not for patients. I asked if she could point it out to me, so I could see it for myself & she did. I said, "Wow, its bigger than I thought." It looked to be roughly the same size as Ella's foot. The tech said "I've seen bigger." Ella's heart rate was 144, perfectly normal. The tech said I had plenty of fluid. She saw Ella kick, wiggle and curl her toes, so movement was perfect. She gave me a blurry pic of a foot and a poor shot of Ella's face. Ella wasn't interested in looking at the transducer today, so we didn't get to see her face very well. Maybe next time!

Sean stayed home with my friend Ellie and her 2 1/2 yr old son Hans. They had a great time playing together! Sean skipped his nap, so he had an early bedtime tonight. Aidan went to the office with Doug and earned his paycheck shredding paper.

Doug got our photoshop program working again, so I am hoping to edit our vacation photos to share here. I'll have to see if Aidan will let me use the computer long enough or not. ;)

Nite all!


~Melissa~ said...

I remember doing these profiles with Delphine towards the end of my pregnancy. I didn't have to worry about where to put D - so I didn't mind going in and seeing how she looked.

I hope things continue to go okay for you!!

RK said...

Glad for a good report!!

jane said...

Glad all is well mama!