Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Waiting sucks

I'm back from our vacation- it actually went rather well. The only problem was that Wednesday afternoon, I was woken from a nap with a phone call from my OBs office regarding the appt I had Friday before we left. The radiologist read my sono pics and determined that there appears to be something restricting blood flow from the placenta to the umbilical cord. The nurse said the Dr was concerned enough to get me an immediate appt with the MFE for Thursday (as in the next day.) I explained that I was in WV and could not get there that fast. Of course, I was panicing and thinking, maybe I need to look into a flight home or see if there is someone in WV I can get into see asap. They decided it would be okay for me to wait until Monday, the day after we returned, to go to the MFE.

We started driving back Saturday and got trapped in the flood detours across Indiana, so we didn't make it as far as we hoped. Sunday, I was stressing that we'd hit more road delays since the entire midwest was saturated. Luckily we got home Sunday evening.

My mom drove down to go with Doug and I to my appt because she was sick with worry for us. We got there and the first thing they told us was we needed to plan when I'd be coming in for my weekly sonos and appts for the rest of the pg! I was like, "WHAT!?!!" So I called my OBs office and they said it wasn't necessary to do that unless their sono confirmed a problem. So we had the sono, very long & extensive. It was like an echocardiogram- it showed the path of blood flow from the placenta to the cord, thru the placenta, thru the cord, thru the baby's tummy, and thru her brain. The tech can't tell us shit, the MFE has to read the images and write a report to send to my OB. So we didn't get any news one way or the other at the appt, but was told our OB should have the report in 24 hrs.

Today, I called 2x to see if they had it yet (btw, my OB is on vacation this week) and finally the nurse got ahold of the MFE office at 3:30 and was told "it's on the top of her stack, she should get to it today and you'll have the report tomorrow." Once she sends the report to my OBs office, her partner will read it & tell the nurse what to tell us. Ugh!!! I am going crazy waiting. Can't sleep....

I am trying to stay reassured because baby Ella looked so good on the sono, she even gained 8 oz since the one a week ago. She's measuring ahead on my OBs due date by a week. She's had hicups 2x in the past week. I keep having this sense of panic that I need to finish the baby's room, wash up her diapers and clothes and buy the remaining things we need asap. Of course, at 30-31 weeks, she'd have to be delivered in the hospital an hour away and would spend at least a month in NICU before she came home. My mind is figuring out where I can stay there so I can be close enough to see her every day. How will we manage the boys if I deliver preterm?

I just don't want to think about it. Worse of all, I just don't want to think about losing her. I can't imagine it.


Cara said...

::hugs:: 'll be sending you lots of healthy baby vibes.

~Melissa~ said...

Waiting is so hard. I'm sending you healthy baby vibes and hope all is well.

Tilly Cat & Pip-Squeak said...

Good luck... Here's hoping baby Ella can stray in a bit longer. Thinking of you, from a long time lurker (found you from Gifts! )


JennyH said...

That would be hard. Praying it is nothing. Let us know as soon as you can.

Glad you made it home through all that rain. My in-laws also got stuck and detoured there by all the rain.

I made a "blog role" on my page and added your blog to my list. If you prefer to NOT have your blog listed, please let me know.


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Waiting is tough, but I can tell you that being in the medical biz, if they seen anything urgent, your doctor would have gotten a call before you had gotten home.


SunflowerMom said...

Cara, thanks for the hugs & vibes! I have showed my family Rosalie's pics to give them an idea of how Eleanor might fair if born early. We agree that Rosalie is a doll!

Tilly Cat- welcome to my blog!

Jenny- happy to be added to your list! I will add your's too. It makes it easier for me to check in on people.

Melissa, Shannon- thanks for the support!