Monday, June 16, 2008

Oh tartar sauce....

I had a regular prenatal appt with my OB today & my first NST. The NST went well, but when I met with my OB she said that she thinks it would be best if I went to Wichita for weekly biophysical profiles instead of just having the NSTs in her office. She feels that would give them a better chance to watch growth and the placenta issue. Shit. So the nurse gave me a list of appts there up until July 17- when I can finally get in to see the specialist again. The nurse and my Dr apologized for difficulties get information to me last week.

Best case scenario is that they will get to see the placenta issue resolve itself and disappear. Second best- it stays the same. Worst case is it gets bigger, causes problems to the baby.

I asked her if she thought my chances of carrying to term were good and she thinks they are. They just have no way of telling if it is caused by a partial abruption or not, so they have to keep a close eye on it. I am fluctuating between feeling hopeful that I can carry to term and have a natural childbirth when Ella is ready to be born and feeling defeated like I need to come to accept that it will be an induced labor and I'll end up getting an epidural because the pitocin kicks my butt.

I am going to call a friend of mine from LLL to see if she can keep my boys for the Wichita appts. I also, of course, still have to see my OB for prenatal appts., but Doug can help me with the local appts. Fingers crossed that all that works out!

Thanks again for all the support through this rough pregnancy. It's amazing that physically it hasn't been too bad, but emotionally it has really taken a toll on me.

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~Melissa~ said...

Well shoot. :( I hope you are able to get everything worked out so it isn't anymore stressful than it already is!