Friday, June 13, 2008

News at last!

Finally got a call!!!

They said the plan is that I need to go to my local Dr for weekly non-stress tests and a follow up sono at the specialist's office in 3 wks. I am to do daily kick counts and call if there is not enough movement or if I have bleeding/cramping. The person I talked to today told me that what was found is a pocket of fluid behind the placenta. Could be from a partial abruption. I haven't had any bleeding whatsoever this pregnancy, so this is pretty surprising.

I'm relieved that we don't need to make weekly trips to the specialist's and hope that all continues to go well.


~Melissa~ said...

Hey that sounds like a pretty good scenario! I remember doing those weekly non-stress tests. I didn't mind listening to the heartbeat that much.

I hope they all go smoothly for you!

JennyH said...

Glad you don't have to get weekly sonos and everything that goes with that. I hope for the last weeks to be smooth sailing. Your pregnancy has flown by so far-ar least to me!