Thursday, June 26, 2008

Today's BPP Sono

This week's sono check up went well! I remembered to ask what the score from last week was and was told it was 8/8, the best we can get. Today it was the same. It went very quickly today, the tech found everything she needed to see right away, so I was out of there and back on the road in 20 min.s

Aidan again went to the office (earned $2 shredding paper today!) and Sean went over to one of my friend's house. Unfortunately Sean didn't adjust to being there as well as we hoped. He refused to eat his lunch, but did enjoy being rocked to sleep for a nap. I woke him up when I got there and he ate when we got home.

I have a regular OB appt on Monday next week and another BPP on Thursday. I need to remember to take some CDs next time, it's sad that we only keep kid's CDs in the van. Sorry, but I'm not listening to The Wiggles if I don't have to!

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jane said...

8/8 ! Way to go mama and babe...I'm loving the positive updates :) Keep on keeping on you two!