Friday, June 13, 2008

Partial Update

So, I decided I was totally pissed at 5 last night because I still hadn't been called. I called the nurse on call, who is the one that I've been talking with, and said you have got to tell me something today! I told her I was losing sleep and had a lot of family & friends concerned about us. She said that the specialist called the office at 4:30 and spoke with my Dr's partner. My Dr's partner will relay that canversation to my Dr (who is still out of state on vacation) and I will get a call today with some idea on how they want to manage my care.

I asked if the specialist's sono showed the same concern they had & if so what is it? She said yes, they did find the same problem. It is an area of the placenta that is not functioning properly. At this time, it is small and does not appear to be causing complications to the baby. They want the specialist to tell them if I need weekly sonos to keep an eye on it, to make sure that the baby continues to grow on schedule or if they can just rely on fundal measurements/heart tones. If she recommends regular sonos, they want me to get them done at her office, where she can evaluate them.

The reason they would want to follow it so closely is to catch it before it causes damage (either heart failure due to lack of blood flow, or growth delays due to restricted nutrients.) If it does get worse, they would want me to deliver early- prior to 37 wks & I will have to deliver in Wichita & the baby will go to NICU there. I understand the reason to be cautious, but I am hoping that since she is doing so well now that they can take a less aggressive approach. I have to factor about 4 hrs per appt if they are in Wichita, plus budget the $30 for gas per trip. Since the boys are on summer break, I'd have to find childcare for them (Doug can't take that much time off of work and the 2 of them at the office make it impossible for him to work.) I guess we will adapt and do what we can, obviously her well being is a priority.

I need at least six more weeks of baby growing time!!!


~Melissa~ said...

I'm sorry that you are going through this :( You are in my prayers and I hope that the baby has time to cook!

JennyH said...

Praying everything works out fine. I'm sure your stressing about this- as I would be too- but try and relax. If it was really serious, they would have already made you go to the hospital. They probably would have called you a lot sooner as well!
Have a good weekend.