Sunday, October 10, 2010

Buddy Walk Photos and a little Video!

We always call it the "Buddy Carry" and this year Sean got a little walking done, a little riding in the jogger, and a little carrying.

Hey! Would you look at that, a picture of me! :)

The boys geared up with horns to start the walk.

Playing the games is definitely their favorite part of the Buddy Walk. They love getting the little prizes.

Aidan had quite a nice shot here- you can just catch the football exiting the tire on the other side. Sean played this game twice and tossed it right in, too.

Gotta love the putt-putt! Both boys got it in the hole on the first try. Ella gave it a go with Daddy's help.

All three had fun riding the cool trikes.

Sean and Aidan both got in the firetruck.

Ella was too distracted by the balloon arch to notice the firemen.

They played several others games as well and climbed in the inflatables that were set up. The "walking a mile" part was a bit of a disaster, per usual, so we took a short cut half way. The lunch lines were overwhelming, so we just had a drink, played a couple more games, then went to lunch at Carlos O'Kelly's.

The weather was perfect yet again, it's such a pretty place to have the event. Each year it gets bigger and bigger, which is nice to see the huge support for the DSSW. Unfortunately, it also makes it harder each year to go there to connect with other families. You basically just have to focus only on your group to keep the little ones safe and don't have much of a chance to mingle.

I guess we just need to get to more of the monthly meetings to see people and try to hit the smaller, fun gatherings they organize. It was cool to see some of my blogging friends, even if it was just a wave from a distance!

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Jennifer said...

I know exactly what you mean about the "buddy carry." Our buddy rode in the stroller with a bag of chips!