Monday, October 25, 2010

Random Seanies from the Week

Just some bits and pieces about Sean from the past week. Never enough to write a lengthy blog, but fun to remember anyway.

~One of Sean's ears was draining pretty bad last weekend, so we started the week off with a trip to his pediatrician and meds for an infection. (He has tubes, got them last year, they are still in place, this is the 3rd infection he's had with them.) Sean is really good about taking antibiotics, but is not a fan of the ear drops. I'm wondering if it's time to see the ENT again. Sean's usually such a good patient (with the exception of anything that requires sticking tape-like things on him.) He even used to be really good about giving blood, up until the last draw he had this summer. Even as a newborn, he would make a little cry when they first pricked his skin, then he'd just calmly sit through the rest. I remember it being very unnerving to a tech once! Some kids that have to see a doctor so much more frequently have a strong fear of them, Sean's the opposite, he's the pro that knows the routine!

~We showed up for school one morning last week at the same time as a girl that looked like she might be in kindergarten. I asked Sean if he wanted to say hi to her and he did. I asked her if she was in the same class as Sean and she said yes. Once inside, she asked me if she could walk Sean to class. I asked him if he wanted to and he said yes, so they held hands and headed down the hall together. He glanced back over his shoulder with a wave and big smile, "Bye, Mom! Bye, Aidan! See you later!"

~Friday night, Doug and I had a bottle of wine with dinner. Sean peered at Doug's glass of wine and Doug offered to let him smell it. Sean took a sniff and a little light bulb went off in his head. He pinched his thumb and index finger together, then lowered his hand into the glass of Merlot, dipping his fingers in the wine. He pulled them out and licked his fingers, saying "Amen."

~Saturday, after we picked up Grandma from the airport, we all went out to lunch together at an upscale burger/steak place. Sean's favorite thing to munch on at a restaurant is french fries, so we ordered a side of fries for him. They brought out a huge plateful of shoestring-style fries, which Sean loves. Given enough time, he'd eat the whole mound, but he eats very slowly, one fry at a time, dipping each bite in ketchup. Grandma snuck a fry off his plate and nearly lost her hand when he snapped, "No GamGaw! It's MINE! Sean fries!"

~Sunday afternoon, we came home from church and there was a message on the answering machine for Sean. It was one of his kindergarten classmate's moms. She said her son was asking her all day if he could call Sean and talk to him on the phone. She left her number, so Doug called her back and they gave the boys the phone to talk to each other. Mind you, Sean's phone conversations tend to be a mix of words, gestures and babbling, he often talks about what he's doing/playing with/looking at. I'm sure it was an interesting conversation! How funny! I don't even know which kid this is, I think I will have to have Sean's teacher point him out today at pick up time.


JennyH said...

Sean and Max are the same about their fries. You touch the fry and you may loose a finger!!

Also the same as in.. dipping each little bit into ketchup.

Tiffany said...

Elise. Ditto the fries!!!