Saturday, October 30, 2010

Annual 21 Facts about Sean List

I love reading these on other blogs each year, as well as looking back at my old ones. Here is 2009, 2008, and in 2007. Let's see if I can think of 21 for this year!

1. Sean is very ticklish! I love to hear hm giggle just because I run my fingers across his back.
2. Sean's favorite treat is Dairy Queen ice cream cones. He only eats the chocolate soft serve ice cream in a cake cone. We've tried to get him to eat other ice cream, but he doesn't usually comply.
3. Sean loves alligators and sharks. He likes books about them, toys, movies, and songs about them.
4. He got two stuffed alligators for his birthday and sleeps with one of them.
5. Sean likes to jump on trampolines/bounce houses, but only if no one else does at the same time. His balance isn't strong enough to handle others bouncing.
6. Sean loves playing matching games. We lay out memory cards and he likes making matches out of them.
7. Puzzles are a big favorite, too. We still give him wood puzzles to work with, because he occasionally chews on cardboard pieces.
8. He loves to watch his brother play video games on the Playstation and he plays several games as well. His eye-hand coordination has really grown by playing games.
9. We are convinced that he will develop some type of performance hobby. He has a really good memory for acting and re-creates scenes from his favorite things.
10. He likes to navigate his way around youtube, clicking on Disney Cars clips, Mater's Tall Tales, and Spongebob Squarepants clips.
11. He likes getting his hair cut, doesn't mind hair washing too bad, but really hates having it combed. We keep it short so it doesn't get too crazy looking in the morning.
12. He really really really dislikes having his nails clipped.
13. He's on his third pair of glasses this school year. He does pretty good wearing them at school and out of the house, but at home he takes them off immediately.
14. He can pedal his trike, but would rather scoot it with his feet.
15. He can sing the ABC song, but we are still working on letter recognition.
16. If you sign a letter he will say it faster and more accurately than if you show him a letter.
17. Sean likes drinking Dr Pepper, so after church he gets two quarters to buy one to drink with his brother during coffee hour. He puts the money in the machine and selects it all by himself.
18. We don't give him any soda during the week, so I think it's a feature of church that he looks forward to.
19. Blowing out candles is a huge joy for Sean. On birthday cakes, in jack-o-lanterns, at church, or any where he goes.
20. I love the slap-slap-slap sound his bare feet make on our floors. It just makes me picture his cute, little, flat-footed, gap-toed feet when I hear it.
21. Sean gets keeps getting better with age! More fun each passing year!


Tiffany said...

LOVE this!!!! What a GREAT idea!!! A quick snap-shot of every year!! I'm gonna have to steal your brilliance! :) I'd love to have this of Elise every year, too!! :)

Ruby's Mom said...

Loved reading this! It is nice to have these to look back at.
That's a neat idea to make the Dr.Pepper a special trear on Sundays.
I can't wait to hear Ruby's little feet pad across the floor.

Brandie said...

I love these lists. Its fun to read some of the things I have to look forward to. My husband was just telling me how he loves the sound of Goldie's flat feet walking across the floor!