Friday, October 1, 2010

How I Spent My Summer Vacation: June

Going to do a series of backtracking posts, to bring the blog up-to-date. If you are a Facebook friend, this might be boring. :)

I mentioned in my early summer posts that we kicked off the summer with some big renovations to the house. We tore down our old fence, watched builders put in a new one. We had our old roof replaced, due to water damage. We had water damage occur over Memorial Day weekend that prompted us to do interior renovations to our upper bath (will post that later.) All the house projects really ate up a lot of our time this summer, but we squeezed in as much fun as we could here and there.

The boys went to a summer school program, 4 days a week from 8-11:30, at their elementary school. It was a great opportunity to acclimate Sean to the school, his teachers and a few classmates. They both seemed to enjoy going and doing the activities there. They got to go on field trips to the library once a week and could eat lunch at school, too. It only lasted 6 weeks, but was a nice way to keep them busy and interested in learning.

Aidan played coach-pitched baseball again this year. I can't say that he loves baseball. He does a fair job playing it, but it gets so hot here in the summer that he just wasn't enthusiastic about being out in the heat. We liked cheering him on and watching him play. Here's our boy making a nice hit:

Aidan also worked on getting wealthy via Tooth Fairy Funds this summer. I think in total he lost 3 teeth. I think his college funds might all go to dental care.

Last summer, we tried to have Sean play t-ball and he really didn't care for it, so this year we decided to sign him up for swimming lesson at the YMCA. Talk about finding his niche!!! That boy is a natural swimmer, he just loves being in the water and is excited to try anything the instructors suggested. I was very proud of how he did and we will definitely keep it up.

Eleanor's favorite sport this summer was Act Like a Crazy Monkey and Injure Oneself. She pulled a doozy in June, standing on the toilet lid, leaning over to the bathroom sink, resulting in her slipping off and whacking her chin on the counter. End result, she bit her tongue in half and she got her first ER trip. FYI, there's not much they can do for severed tongues. Stitches dissolve rapidly and the tongue eventually heals itself. Scared the beejesus out of me. Knock on wood, that was the worst wound she came up with, but her legs look like a dot-to-dot puzzle due to all the skinned knees, bruised shins, and mosquito welts.

We celebrated Doug's 40th birthday in June with a camping trip to Tuttle Creek Lake. We went up with family on both sides, lots of tents, an RV, lots of friends, and plenty of yummy local brewery beer to chase away the 100 degree weather. Doug really enjoyed his celebration and the kids all had fun sleeping in a tent for the first time.

Going along with the theme of sleeping in new places, Aidan and Sean successfully have transitioned from co-sleeping with Daddy to co-sleeping together in their own room! We've gently encouraged them to several times in the past to try sleeping in there and it never went well. This summer I got the brilliant idea to put the two twin beds together and try again. Ta-dah! Happy little snuggle bugs! Most nights they make it all night long in there. Occasionally Sean wakes with growing pains and goes to Doug's bed so Daddy can rub his legs. One part of this that really made us proud is that Aidan no longer needs us to lay with him until he falls asleep. Sean still usually falls asleep on the couch while they watch their before bed cartoon with Daddy, so Doug carries him up and tucks both boys in after it's over. Aidan just says goodnight and puts himself to sleep without disturbing Sean.

Doug is very happy to have lots of room to spread out at night. I am still sleeping with Ella in her room as she still wakes through the night and is rather unpredictable in her sleep positions. Last thing I want is her flopping off the bed at night. She's an independent little bug and likes her space at night, so I think she will be ready to sleep alone much younger than the boys were.

Well, there wasn't any photos of me the month of June. Ha ha, guess I was the invisible woman that month. I have finished knitting from then, but I'll just do one summer knit post to share all that. Onwards to July!

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