Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Bathroom Renovation

I mentioned earlier that we had a big fat water damage mess to deal with in our upper bathroom and it prompted us to do the huge renovation it's needed since we bought our house 5 years ago. We've had problems again and again with the plumbing leaking in that bathroom and ruining the kitchen ceiling below. Plus it just wasn't well-suited for us, it only had a tub in it so Doug and I had to shower in the small downstairs bathroom every day. The deco was lacking, to say the least.

Before photos:

We had a large construction dumpster delivered to the house right before 4th of July weekend. We had one week to rip out the old flooring, fixtures, and remove the lath & plaster from the walls. Demo is one of the boys' favorite part about our home renovations.

The pretty, classic, antique claw foot tub that came out of the bathroom only sat on our front porch for a week before I found a buyer via Craigslist that wanted it for his home in Joplin, MO.

We hired a plumber to come in and install lines to where we wanted our new shower/tub to go. Once he dug into that project he found major complications with all of the existing plumbing in there that would only cause us to keep having leaks. He also saw that the floor joists for the room had been cut away so deep in some areas that it was only an inch thick! Eeeks! So we had to have a building inspector come and advise how to get it up to code, then made the repairs needed and then the plumber installed entirely new plumbing to the whole room.

Finally we got to the point where Doug could build the new wall, sheetrock the room and install the subfloor.

We had professional tilers finish the floors and tile around the shower.

Walls were finished and painted, new baseboards cut and fitted. The plumber returned for a day of hooking up the sink, showerhead and toilet.After two long months of work, it was finally operational! We still need to cut & install the crown molding around the ceiling and a little bit of baseboard, then paint those. However, it is usable now and great to be in!

After photos:


Jennifer said...

What a beautiful transformation! I think it was probably worth all the pain and agony!

Suzanne said...

Wow, that is beautiful, you guys did a great job. Who in the world wanted a violet bathroom?
I love the look of the new bath, and don't you just love the curved shower curtain, my honey put one up and it made a huge difference, made me feel like I had a bigger shower.

RK said...

LOVE it! What a transformation! Can you come do mine, pretty please?!?

Mama Karma said...

What a difference! The new color looks so calming compared to the tacky purple mauve you had before.

SunflowerStories said...

Thank you! Yes, that purple was awful, I was so afraid we'd have guests that thought we actually chose to have it that way. LOL!

Sharon said...

The new bathroom looks awesome.

JennyH said...

That looks really nice. It didn't look that bad before though, in my opinion. You guys were busy this summer.

We are continuing on our deck today (joy) to make the post that will provide the shade. We plan on ordering the shade in Spring but we want to be ready for it. We are also putting swings in the backyard... attached to the deck.