Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Surprise, surprise!!

Doug, Aidan and I went to my mid-pregnancy sonogram today. Aidan has been so excited about the new baby that we thought he'd enjoy seeing the sonogram and being with us while we peeked to see if we are expecting a boy or girl. Sean is a bit young for this experience, so he went to preschool.

First, the tech checked my ovaries and measured the fluid around the baby (to which Aidan said "Boring!") Then she checked the baby's head and tummy out. Aidan loved the profile view and said the baby has a little bunny nose. The tech then took a quick peek at the baby's bottom but could see much as the baby had legs tightly closed. More measuring on limbs, heart, other organs. Pics of feet, spine, hands.

Back down to the bottom. Baby was admaent that we did not need to see anything and was clamming shut. The tech jiggled my belly with the transducer, trying to jostle the baby into opening legs. Aidan stood by my side and pushed on my tummy saying "Hey, baby! Open up!!!" 10 minutes went by without a good look, Aidan got bored & wanted some water so Doug took him out for a bit. I was starting to worry that we wouldn't find out today & I was so looking foward to seeing what we are having. I had strong feelings that I knew what it was, but was trying not to lean one way or the other.

Finally, we got a few quick glimpses. Aidan and Doug returned and the tech and I voiced our opinions. We clearly did not see a "turtle" and it seemed like we saw the three little lines that indicate GIRL! Little Miss let Daddy have a quick peek, too. We didn't get a perfect photo of our little princess in the making, but the tech is very sure that we are having a daughter!

Doug, Aidan and i are very excited to welcome her into our family. Sean seems to be picking up on the baby idea, he has been saying baby while poking my tummy. We spent the day with friends a week ago that have 7 month old twins and both boys were very gentle and attentive to them. I think I have two good brothers to grow up with this little girl.

I have an OB appt on Wednesday, so I will get to hear the doctor's report on the sono and do the usual stuff then. We do have a name in mind for this little girl, but Doug wants time for it to "grow on him" before we announce it. I adore it and look foward to bonding with her by her name.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Fun

The boys had a really fun Easter Day. The night before, we set a plate of carrots and a couple of homemade cards outside with our empty Easter Eggs for the Bunny. When Aidan woke up in the morning, he saw an egg sitting by the bedroom door, along with the empty bucket that held the eggs. He jumped out of bed to check it out and rushed to show Sean. On the way, he saw an egg by Sean's door. After begging Daddy to get up so they could look for more eggs, the four of us made our way down the stairs, following a trail of "hidden" eggs. The boys thought it was so fun to see all the places the Bunny had tucked our eggs.

The followed the trail back to the family room, where three Easter baskets were stuffed and waiting. Both enjoyed all of the fun stuff the Bunny left for them and Aidan was happy that the Bunny remembered the new baby too, leaving 2 sleepers for her/him.

We had some breakfast and enjoyed a morning together, then got dressed up to eat with Grandpa & Grandma, Kenzie & Toot. The boys were amazingly well behaved at Easter Dinner. We went to the private supper club grandpa belongs to and enjoyed a huge buffet. Aidan ate his weight in watermelon and strawberries, while Sean made sure that everyone applauded the musicians after each song. He even tried to sneak up to do his own performances during their set break!

After a nice nap, we tried to watch The Bee Movie that the Easter Bunny left. Unfortunately, it is a defective disc, so it was a frustrating attempt. Guess the Bunny needs to go make an exchange today!

I hope everyone enjoyed family time together yesterday!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Kitty Cat Song

Mackenzie showed this video to Aidan ages ago and he has been so addicted to it. Sean even loves to watch it now! This darn song sticks in your head and drives you silly! Aidan asked me to show it to Nana so he can sing it to her, so here ya go!